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Jan 24, 2012 11:54 AM

Anyone for $100 cognac-infused dog ?

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    1. Wow. What a waste of just about everything in that dish.

      I think there should be a secret society formed that stakes that place out and if anyone ever orders it someone walks up to them and slaps them with a kielbasa.

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      1. re: Jzone

        LOL !

        I hate it when I see foods bumped up in price with the old truffle oil-infused, lobster, or caviar trick. I'd love to see a blind taste test done with these foods (against identical but non-infused versions) to see if people can truly taste the difference.

      2. What a terrible thing to do to Louis XIII.

        1. Give me a good hot dog (costco with hot peppers are not bad) but let me drink the cognac, don't waste it in a dog

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          1. re: Yemaya

            Agreed! Pairing a Costco hot dog with a snifter of fine cognac = low fi decadence. Infusing the dog with that fine cognac = obscene waste.

          2. Clearly an idiotic gimmick. It may have been actually edible until he drizzled truffle oil on it. Why not just shave real truffles on top instead of this kerosene flavoured stuff? Not a word on what the bratwurst was made of. The meat of Mangalitsa pigs perhaps? If he is aiming at Chinese customers for CNY - he'll need a live lobster tank. No self-respecting Dragon would buy lobster without first seeing it alive.

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            1. re: fmed

              Don't beat around the bush, Fmed. Tell us what you really think of the dragon dog ! LOL.