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Jan 24, 2012 11:40 AM

Layover L.A.

I thought it was good, better than the No Reservations L.A. Plenty of awesome food porn, not too much focus on the stereotypes and he actually seemed to be having a good time on the Dead Celebrities tour (which is typically the type of feature that seems to make him miserable).
One small complaint is that the L.A. craft beer scene has grown quite a bit the past couple of years and I think a few minutes (or more) on that topic would have been interesting.

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  1. Just caught it on my DVR and I agree that it was superior to NR LA. I specifically enjoyed him whipping up a nosh in his Chateau Marmont bungalow, the aforementioned Dead Celeb Tour and Roy Choi's cogent theory on LA's distinctly non-Eurocentric roots (although that particular segment went a tad too long, IMHO.)

    Two things: This was as laid-back a Bourdain as I can recall and given the assault on his liver from the previous layovers in SF and London (not to mention the off camera toking from Amsterdam), he seemed to lay off the hard sauce this time out. One of the bytes from the locals mentioned "Tiki Ti." Now THAT would have been a perfect segment for this episode.

    1. Previously, all I knew about Las Angeles was what I saw on TV shows and movies that took place there [FAR from being a good way to learn about anyplace, and I know how shows like Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days portrayed Milwaukee].

      I cant say I'm ready to hop on a plane, but I am a lot less likely to avoid going there now. And that, I suppose, is one of the points of The Travel Channel.

      And Tony did seem to be enjoying himself. I disagree though, about the Dead Celebrity Tour. To me it seems that this is the kind of thing he DOES usually enjoy, much like the visit to the Paintings on Velvet shop int the Portland NR episode. A drive-by tour of LIVE celebrity homes would probably have had him banging his head against the nearest wall. "And here is the wall surrounding George Hamilton's home. It was built in 1927 and the original owner was Roland Winters! If you look fast as we go by the gate, you'll see part of the garage!"

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        I live in LA and I didn't particularly care for this program. I'm a big Bourdain fan, but I found nothing appealing or anything I'd care to try other than Phillipe's and I've been going there since the mid 50's.

        1. I thought it was pretty spot-on as far as living in LA, at least as I've experienced it.