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Jan 24, 2012 11:29 AM

Peet's Coffee's new oatmeal [moved from San Francisco]

Just tried Peet's Coffee's new oatmeal.

Oatmeal's OK--and great to have as an alternative to Peet's sweet and generally mediocre breakfast pastries. And nice that oatmeal comes w/ three toppings--nuts, berries, brown sugar.

But what is the story with the plastic packaging of nuts and dried berries? The brown sugar at least comes in a paper packet.

The plastic is a) environmentally bad, b) hard to open, and c) aesthetically unappealing.

Apropos a): was amused, @ the new Peet's @ College and Alcatraz in Oakland, to see the free bin of wrapped-up coffee grounds that you can take to use on your garden or worm bin.

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  1. McDonald's oatmeal has cranberries, raisins, fresh apples and brown sugar. $1.99

    Starbucks also has dried fruit nuts and brown sugar. i forget the price because i liked McDonald's better

    Burger King oatmeal is just pathetic. It is Quaker instant oatmeal straight from the package.

    1. Jamba's berry cherry pecan, hold the brown sugar, is my favorite, or if i'm feeling virtuous, sliced banana, hold the brown sugar. Still it's great to know that Peets' now offers a healthful option, too.

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        I generally have no reason to go into a Jamba juice, but noticed they had Oatmeal for $1 on Wednesdays in December. I was surprised how much I liked it - very creamy, but the oats have a little bit of chew to them, which is quite satisfying.

        I don't know if their oatmeal is slow cooked, but they do serve it out of a simmering pot whereas Peets is clearly instant oatmeal. I think I saw that JJ uses soy milk, Peets uses water.

        Don't know what the regular price is, but at $1 per I stopped by every Wed. in Dec.

      2. do they use steel-cut oats? i thought the packaging said so but it also looked like it was instant.