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Jan 24, 2012 11:23 AM

Whisk in JP

Has anyone tried the 'after hours' Whisk at Fiore's Bakery. What's on offer? Is it good?

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  1. I was just looking at the website and was a bit confused by it, so I'd love to hear reviews as well. How is the tasting menu? Anyone go in December?

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      I also looked at the website and am confused... is it desserts? a full menu? A pop-up restaurant or something?

    2. I haven't been yet but I called them to ask, it sounds like a dessert cafe after hours. I tasted their stuff at the Taste of JP event and it was really delicious - it made me like desserts I don't even normally go for.

      1. It seems to me like an after-hours savory thing. Never been, but I am going to try their tasting menu this weekend. They are doing it for a few nights. It's only $10.

        1. I went to a chef's tasting this past Saturday night and the food was great! That was the consensus among my friends, too, who also attended. It will be worth going back when they really open up sometime in early Feb. Although I must say I am confused by whether they are going to be a savory menu or a dessert menu or both.

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          1. I went to the ten course tasting held at Fazenda Coffee Roasters on Saturday night, and I thought it was amazing. And the chef was so pleased and exited--the whole house was just full of good vibes! Out of ten courses I would say that eight of them were excellent to amazing.

            Corn soup
            Fried oyster w/ lemon cream plus Raw oyster w/shallot
            Arugula salad with fig and duck ham
            Soft shelled crab with corn relish and corn remoulade
            Short rib with polenta and black garlic sandwich
            Rabbit pasta with peasant sauce
            Hudson red cheese, apricot, and toast
            Ethiopian coffee mousse with blackberry and white chocolate
            Cheesecake with aprium, apricot sorbet, and homemade shortbread
            Chocolate mousse and chocolate covered cherries

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            1. re: calisson

              cal, thx so much for posting the dishes. how does one find out about /reserve for these dinners?
              was your dinner done by the same chef as the OP's dinner, but the venue changes for @ one?
              thx again; sounds like a super evening.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                If you go to their website, they are selling tickets for a dinner on 6/16.

                1. re: Marisa23

                  marisa, want to thk you so much for posting this; i never would have known. headed there tonight and will report!

                2. re: opinionatedchef

                  Sorry, opinionatedchef--Iam just seeing this now! But it seems you got your question answered and have already eaten there. Sounds like you were a bit underwhelmed.....

                3. re: calisson

                  I am really interested in trying one of these. How was the seating arranged? Were you seated at communal tables with other diners or by yourselves? Was the wine pairing done well? How long were you there start to finish? That menu you had sounds incredible!

                  1. re: Marisa23

                    we went tonight. $65 pp. we had a cafe table to ourselves as did many others. there were also larger parties which i didn't see seated so i don't know if they were together as a group, or seated communally. sold out room. 3 hrs 7:30-10:30 (food first plated at 8pm.) Loud and lively crowd.

                    handsome space, very nice enthusiastic young chef and servers. we had maybe 10 small plates and one 'large', including 2 dessert plates. we ate everything on every plate. the food was fresh and well prepared but there were maybe only 2 courses that impressed me. It just wasn't "oh wow! more more plse!" or as inventive as the May menu that inspired me to sign up for this dinner.
                    Key savory plate ingredients were: soft shell crab, scallop, steak, sweetbreads, chicken wing, 4 minute egg, pasta w/ morels. If you check the link above, i bet the full menu will appear soon. the july dinner will feature 7 courses from 7 continents.

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      Thanks for the report! I'm curious, did the price include any wine or beverages? If not, was it an option to purchase a wine pairing? Did you feel like it was worth the $$ in the end? $65/pp is tough for me, but I'm willing if it seems worth it.

                      1. re: purple bot

                        65 did not incl wine pairings but that option was $30 i think; beerpairings was $20.

                        We didn't do the pairings because we only drink red wine and they only had one red; odd and disappointing . (Suggested that they had a not very good wine adviser imo.)

                        Worth it? If i figure a typical $14 app and $28 entree and $9 dessert,that's $51, plus 8 tax=$59. I personally would likely have been happier with the food at Oleana, EVOO, Aquitaine, Rendezvous etc. But that's me and responding to this particular menu. I'm doubtlessly older and much more picky ( as a 30 yr. food professional) than you, so It might be a great experience for you. It's certainly a fun adventure, and the room full of people seemed very happy.For someone who is more of a food ingenue, it's certainly a good way to try lots of different food elements and cooking techniques and styles . And if one goes with a group, it makes for a lively dinner conversation.

                      2. re: opinionatedchef

                        Thanks for the update. Trying to figure out where my big birthday dinner will be next month, but haven't been inspired yet. Thought this might be it, but not sure now. Last year did the tasting menu at Craigie and wondering what could top that.