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Jan 24, 2012 11:14 AM

Marché Soupson (Jean Talon/Waverly)

My friend and I had really sublime beet/celery root/carrot/yam soup at Marché Soupson on Jean Talon yesterday ($4.50/bowl) and took home 1L jars of spinach/potato and cabbage/fennel soup ($8.99 each). All their soups are vegan and vary day to day. I saw on their twitter that today it's creamy potato with fresh dill. If you go by today and you're lucky, they will have jars of the beet soup!

They also make sandwiches, salads, ready-to-bake lasagna and a habanero hot sauce (gingery I think with kick, you can get a sample taste), and also sell baked goods from Sweet Lee's Bakery. Their address is 149 Jean Talon W. (corner Waverly).

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  1. Can't say enough good things about this spot. it's really refreshing to see a "dep" curated with this level of attention to detail. The amazing thing about the soup is that the "cream" soups use cashew cream made in-house and contain no dairy. Every bit as tasty as one with heavy cream, IMHO.

    It's worth mentioning that all meats for the sandwiches are rotisseried on site, too.

    Big thumbs up.
    It's my little spot, but I wish it a lot of success.

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      I had the ready-to-bake three-cheese meat lasagna and it was really, really good - it's made with their own meat sauce and sweet italian sausage from Boucherie Vito. They had just sold out their three-cheese spinach lasagna but I definitely will be getting it when I see it.

      I agree about the cashew cream in their soups, amazing and tasty. I think I prefer it to heavy cream actually. They obviously put a lot of care into the shop. Soupson's pan-roasted spiced Spanish Marcona almonds and "faux fudge" (I think that means vegan & gluten-free) are also great.

      There was a recent write-up:

    2. I've been waiting for someone to mention Soupson on this board! Our office recently moved to the area and (I kid you not) at least 90% of our employees grab lunch there every single day. Great neighborhood addition!

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        I'm glad to see Soupson on the board too! I remember when it first opened that I was both excited to have something like this in my neighborhood and yet also worried about its survival. That stretch of J-T isn't dead by any means, but nor is it a major pedestrian thoroughfare.

      2. Just wanted to echo the love for Marche Soupson - I passed by on Sunday and picked up one of their 1L soups - Spinach and Curly Cabbage with fine herbs! Oh my gosh it is delicious - something a bit different from the usual flavour combinations and I love the use of cashew cream rather than heavy cream! I can't wait to go back and try more of their soup varieties and explore some of their other options - what a great find!

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        1. re: unlaced

          That's exactly how I reacted when I had their soup – "Oh my..!" I find the flavours and aromatics are always perfectly balanced.

          The meat lasagna I mentioned above was actually amazing, the best I've ever had, but I'm not an aficionado. The meat sauce was sweet and not too tart. I did score a three-cheese spinach lasagna ($10.99 for 2-3 serving pan, they also have individual portions) and it was also delicious – a light spinach ricotta filling and nicely tart tomato sauce – all too easy for one 'gluttonous' person to devour this on their own for supper and into late night, hypothetically speaking.

          I was going to report back earlier but whenever they tweet about their lasagnas, I imagine rushing over for a stack – they go fast. They seem to make them on some weekends. Weekends they serve chili instead of soup, with hand-cut meat in the carnivore one.

          Since the secret's out, their twitter is @soupanneur.

          And the chocolate banana fudge is irresistible and elevating.

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            I dropped by Soupson today and they have a fresh batch of meat lasagnas ($13.99) in the freezer. Veggie lasagna will be available "by mid next week."