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Jan 24, 2012 11:05 AM

Food for Youth Groups

I am taking a group of high school students to visit New Orleans in April of 2012. I need some help finding restaurants that can accommodate a group of 23 that is affordable ($15 for lunch and $20 for dinner). I realize not many restaurants cater to this small of a budget but I'm hoping to make it work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Where will you be staying? We don't want a transportation budget to overpower the food budget! There was a similar inquirey last fall but location will help.

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    1. re: collardman

      We have transportation covered with a charter bus so getting around the city will not be a problem. We are staying in the Quarter but do not mind traveling.

      1. re: arose80

        Glad to hear you will do Cafe Reconcile and a bus can park there. Another possibility is Mandina's. Not too expensive, a back room that will fit your party, and a locale where the bus can park. Also see what Zea's on St. Charles can do for you.

    2. Poboys are a no-brainer. Hit up Parkway or similar...

      1. I would recommend Café Reconcile. Their lunch only restaurant offers delicious and reasonably priced food that is cooked and served by at-risk youth. The service is charming and deeply earnest. Almost everything is less than eight dollars, including sides.

        Depending on the focus of your group, it might be a nice match for their interests. The space is big but you should call ahead to confirm availability of tables. You would also need to take cabs or have other transportation arranged.

        Here is their description: Café Reconcile is a nonprofit restaurant that uses innovative strategies to provide life skills and job training to youth from at-risk communities in the New Orleans area. Since the restaurant opened in 2000, more than 600 young people (ages 16-22) have successfully completed the program and moved into permanent jobs in New Orleans’ food service industry. Focusing on the kind of “soul food” for which New Orleans is known, the restaurant has earned high praise from local and national critics.

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        1. re: AmuseWord

          Outstanding suggestion, AmuseWord!

          If you want to stay in the quarter, I'd suggest contacting Red Fish Grill. A friend recently had to organize a lunch for a large group with a limited per price option. She said they went out of there way to help. Considering the age of your group, this might be a good option without the food being too fancy for their tastes.

          Johnny's Poboys in the quarter is another great option.

          Domenica in the Roosevelt offers half price pizza from 3-6. It's amazing pizza that is normally around $13 dollars. That's a significant savings for an early dinner.

          1. re: FoodChic

            Thanks so much for these suggestions Food Chic! I am going to look into all of them.

          2. re: AmuseWord

            We have actually already arranged to eat at Reconcile and they are going to provide a speaker. I can't wait to check it out!

            1. re: arose80

              Wow, that's exciting. I haven't eaten there yet but hear great things about it and am going to go on my next trip before summer.

              1. re: arose80

                If you can go to Reconcile on a Thursday, you can get the shrimp & white beans. Mmm.

              2. re: AmuseWord

                +1 for Cafe Reconcile, it sounds like a perfect fit for your group.

                +1 for Johnny's Po Boys. I didn't care for my oyster po boy there but my husband's fried shrimp po boy was wonderful.