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Jan 24, 2012 10:34 AM

Good Bread Pudding in NW DC up to Bethesda area for sick child?

Our little boy has not eaten in 3 days due to an illness. Whenever he would get sick in San Francisco, where we just moved from, we would get him bread pudding from a fabulous nearby cafe/bakery. Is there any good bread pudding in NW, preferably close to the MD border? Thanks!

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  1. Martin's in Georgetown has a really delicious caramel sauced bread pudding. I'm sure you could order it to go.

    1. Not necessarily for take out but the best bread pudding I've ever had was the chocolate and vanilla bread pudding at 1789. It's been a few years since I've been there so I'm not sure it's even still on the menu but it was INCREDIBLE!!!

      1. I would call before you go, but lately Boundary Stone (Rhode Island and 1st NW) has been running bread pudding as a daily special. The banana/cherry flavor I has last week was wonderful.

        1. I think I've seen bread pudding at Tout de Sweet in Bethesda (I haven't tried it but generally I think their stuff is fantastic). It would be worth a call (and they are small/nice enough that if they don't have it on hand, it might even be worth asking if they would make it for you).

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            Usually the Whole Foods near me has Bread Pudding made in house. . Call the one close to you and see if they have it or will make it. They have all kinds of sale bread to do something with every day. By your note, I would guess that you aren't feelin' like making it. An easy shortcut to making it (And a very delicious way) is to buy some pre-made croissants, rip them up and bake them in the cream, vanilla, egg, sugar etc. custard.

            Also, UNO's Pizzeria has a DELICIOUS (believe it or not) Bread pudding on their permanent dessert menu. Very homemade flavored and not expensive.

            I hope the little boy feels better soon. Poor little guy!