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Jan 24, 2012 10:21 AM

Rhodes Frozen Bread

Last weekend I was at a friend's house to watch the Giants game. She put out something she called pepperoni bread. Sort of like a calzone. My husband and daughter loved them and asked me to ask her for the recipe. She laughed and opened her freezer and showed me an orange bag that said "Rhodes Frozen Bread". It was three one-pound loaves. I bought some and am trying to come up with some ideas. Anyone ever bake with these? They seem really versatile. I'm too lazy to make my own dough.

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  1. I use Rhodes for cinnamon rolls, and for a sort of cornish pasty/turnover with a lamb, potato, and cheese filling with rosemary, onions, etc. in it.
    It's a great shortcut options. Works great in a pinch. I am not a huge baker, since I don't like to measure!

    Would be interested in knowing more about the pepperoni bread idea, or what else you end up doing with it.

    1. Sounds like Stromboli to me. Here is a recipe I found on the web that uses refrigerator dough

      You can use any combo of sandwich meats/cheeses, roasted peppers, and even giardinera.