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Jan 24, 2012 10:17 AM

Indian catering / Fresh Naan and Tandoor

I am looking for an Indian caterer for an event for 80-100 people. Any recommendations/ experiences people can share? Also, does anyone know of a caterer who comes with a Tandoor to make fresh Naan and kebabs/tikkas?

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  1. No idea about the tandoor oven on premises, and have never used them but Shahi Palace advertises that they cater. Tel (514) 685-0000

    1. find someone that has experience with weddings. Pride and honor is involved.

      1. Well, maybe you could consider contacting Moti Mahal or Halal 786-both on Jean Talon. Halal 786 has a website. Either might be able to help you. I found the food better at 786 but the 1st place is good, too. Over in Verdun there is Nouveau Delhi, also fine. Their domain is Their naan is a bit different and has onion seeds in it (which I preferred).

        1. Years ago, an Indian friend of mine said there were no good Indian caterers in Montreal and that most Indian weddings had caterers from the Ottawa region. I don't know if that is still the case but it may be worth looking into. Try also contacting Tandoor & Grill in the West Island. they have a reception room in the back and there was an event (not sure if it was a wedding or some other special occasion); the spread looked very good. We also enjoyed our meal there.