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Grocery Store Deli Dept. Slicer Cleanliness

Does anyone else have a quesy feeling when you see all the dried scraps left on a meat or cheese slicer in a grocery store deli department? I stood on line and watched a team of deli personnel cut almost a dozen types of meats on one machine before anyone took it upon themselves to actually wipe the machine down.

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  1. deli meats, deli cleanliness, deli food handling practices, it all makes me feel queasy. the slicer is the least of my worries.

      1. Doesn't bother me in the least.

        1. Doesn't bother me at all. it's not like they are slicing raw meat on it and then going back to cooked.

          1. As long as all the meats are cooked, it shouldn't matter (at least from a food safety standpoint) whether they wipe it down between roast turkey and salami.

            At a butcher that I frequent, I can't get freshly sliced deli meat a half hour before closing because they are cleaning the slicer. A well run grocery department should do the same - stop and clean machines like this on a regular basis.

            1. If I see the employee slicing roast beef I insist the slicer be wiped down before slicing my order. I do not want turkey breast dripping in beef juice.

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                "turkey breast dripping in beef juice"

                Mmmmmm...now I'm hungry!

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                  LOL I was thinking the same thing!
                  You can cut my turkey on whatever slicer was recently used for pork!

              2. It’s always good to be concerned how your food is being handled no matter what the circumstance and a deli is no exception.
                Proper food safe requires a meat slicer be washed, rinsed and air dried frequently. After every four hours of continuous use the slicer should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned with a clean in place solution this is to prevent pathogen growth.

                1. Deli meat in and of itself bothers me. Period.

                  The slicer? Could care less.

                  Sort of like worrying about a scab wound when you've been shot in the head, at point blank range.

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                    Deli meat in and of itself bothers me. Period.

                    This made me laugh out loud. I am totally with you. It has been years since I purchased lunch meat.

                    To answer the original question - yes, it bothers me very much to see scraps of food on the slicer.

                    In my rational mind, I know the chance of that turkey scrap from 3 minutes ago probably isn't going to polute my swiss cheese but then I think "what if that turkey has been sitting there for 12 hours?" No surprise that I don't buy sliced food from the deli area.