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Jan 24, 2012 08:54 AM

Near Union Station?

Coming in for one night, and looking for a restaurant not too far from Union station (doesn't need to be walking distance, but not out of the way). Will also need somewhere I can hail a cab from after dinner. $20-$25 an entree is fine. Any type of food, preferablly not a chain. Thanks!

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  1. You can walk to Watershed from Union Station or take a short cab ride

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    1. re: agarnett100

      Second Watershed. Have had two very nice meals there in recent months.

      1. re: agarnett100

        Third. It actually might be easiest to just take the metro one stop over since it's right around the corner from the NY Metro stop.

        I also like Art and Soul, right near Union Station.

        If you want to head over to Gallery Place/Chinatown you have a lot more options. I would recommend dining at the bar at PS7 (don't miss the tuna sliders), especially if you are dining alone. I also like Jaleo for Spanish tapas, Sei for sushi, and Central for everything!

        1. re: Elyssa

          Don't go to PS7 as they are closed. It's been dark for a couple weeks now with a sign in the window saying they are "closed for administrative duties"

      2. I'd say Art and Soul or Johnny's Half Shell, in that order. If you're willing to go a bit further and be a bit more adventurous, there are a bunch of great options on H Street NW.

          1. I've had good lunches at Bistro Cacao (walkable) and Monmartre (cab), good dinners at Cava (cab) and wildly overpriced dinners at Johnny's Half shell

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              Agree completely with everything you've said.

            2. Art and Soul & Johnny's Half Shell are both walking distance from Union station and put you around the corner from The Dubliner where you can enjoy a pint and some irish music after your dinner. Bistro Bis is also in the same area but at a higher price point than you seem to be interested in.

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              1. re: drewpbalzac

                My vote is for Bistro Bis, if OP is willing to go a little higher on the price point. I'd suggest eating at the bar; they have a limited, but well-thought out bar menu, which would keep the price down. Plus, it can be a great DC scene AND they have the best steak tartare around.

                  1. re: dining with doc

                    Sorry I just saw this thread; I would have thirded Bistro Bis!

                    1. re: Bob W

                      I had a very nice meal at Bistro Bis on my last visit to DC. Had I not been looking for something different, I would have been very well served to have returned there, rather than going to Watershed.