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In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

Can anyone provide a grocery store source in the GTA?

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  1. Usually in Loblaws, Highland Farms, some Metros. Last ditch would be the British food shops.

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      It's apparently gone from Loblaws, Metro, and Sobeys. Supercentre Don Mills had a shelf tag this aft., but no stock. I will try good ol' Highland Farms (and yes, I know we've had the jars rather than tins here). Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Sobey's has it as well.

      1. In Canada, it comes in a small green jar, not a large tin.

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          Not a grocery store, but Empire The Collection at 717 1/2 Queen St East had Lyle's in a squeeze bottle last month.

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            Good to know, I have been looking for the bottle version!

        2. if you get really stuck you could order it online from here::


          They are located in mississauga if you are ever out that way or they can deliver it to you.

          1. I have been trying to locate it as well and just sent a request through their webpages. I don't know where it's disappeared to. May have to go to British stores to get it but it will be more expensive.

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              I found it yesterday at Pusateri's Bayview Village (250ml jar for $3.99). Otherwise, it is o/s or delisted everywhere I've looked.

            2. Here is the answer! Direct from Tate and Lyle's in the UK!!

              I’m sorry that you’ve been having trouble finding Lyle’s Golden Syrup, however I can shed some light on the situation. The glass bottle supplier suffered major inventory losses during the London riots back in the fall. This put all production on hold (including the production scheduled for Canada). We have been out of stock since the end of November and now the product has begun to run out at store level too. The good news is that our replenishment order is on the water right now and you should start seeing the product back on store shelves by mid-February (probably a little earlier than this).

              Good news, but I did buy some at a Bit of Home in Mississauga for $3.99!

              It will be here soon

              We appreciate your patience and loyalty!

              1. I never would have guessed that it was so scarce at the moment. I've seen the jars at No Frills for $3.99, and the tins at one of those British candy stores - Bulk Mine, near Yonge and Charles - for, I think, 5 dollars. Both within the last week.

                1. Now back on the shelf at Sobey's.

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                    Price Chopper on Gladstone has it for those jonesing in Parkdale. Panicky hoarders can now relax and make that treacle tart you've been dreaming of.

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                      Peter's No Frills on Lansdowne has always had it, to my knowledge, and I've certainly seen it at various Sobeys. I just bought the twice-a-year jar at Peter's No Frills, so I know it's on the shelf.

                      I would be curious about the Metro house-brand "golden syrup," though, because British golden syrup and/or treacle weren't always readily available here. Tate & Lyle's is mainly an English thing. In southern Ontario, corn syrup was far more common--it's a domestic product.

                    2. Saw it at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws two or three days ago...

                      1. I asked for it today at my local Metro in Hamilton and they did not have it. The person there said that they no longer carried it because they had another store brand product which he showed me, Selection golden syrup in a plastic bottle. Has anyone tried this and is it at all comparable to Lyle's?

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                          I need to be wisened up. What is Lyles golden syrup usually used for?

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                            It's a thick syrup from England, very distinctive flavour and basically the greatest thing ever. It can be used in any recipe that would call for corn syrup or honey. I grew up eating it on toast, often while watching Rocket Robin Hood - the most poorly animated show of all time.

                            Check out their site for details


                            and "the wiki" of course -


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                              Thanks Pantz. The descriptions make it look like it would taste really good. I imagine the fructose would scare off a lot of folks who think our food is killing us but I think it sounds delightful.

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                                that was my childhood!

                                my favourite thing to do with lyle's is put it on crumpets fried in butter. oh heaven. it's also popular in australia and used in a lot of australian recipes (along with copha, which i don't think i've ever seen in toronto, but used to get in ottawa at swiss pastries)

                          2. I saw the jars at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws last night.