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Jan 24, 2012 08:42 AM

Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Downtown

Hi All,

My SO recently started working downtown, around Adelaide and Spadina specifically. Being new to the area, he's looking for some new places to grab a quick bite for lunch, usually something he can take-out and eat in his office and that isn't too pricy (is less than $10 possible??). I'm thinking anything within a 10 minute walk is reasonable, say, Queen/King and University over to Queen/King and Portland. Any suggestions? He's fairly adventurous too, all suggestions are welcome!


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  1. Lots of options. I'll throw out a few to get the ball rolling...

    Banh Mi Boys
    Burrito Boyz
    Ravi Soups
    Khao San Road
    New York Subway

    1. I work nearby as well. Pamier Kabob (afghan place right at adelaide/spadina) is really good. Also, Fusaro's (good panini) on Spadina, The One That Got Away (seafood, fish and chips) on King, and the suggestions below.

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        Thanks for both of your suggestions! Do you have any favourites at those places?

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          Swatow on Spadina north of Dundas does great noodle soups(bbq pork w/veggies yum!) and I know they do take out.