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Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Downtown

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Hi All,

My SO recently started working downtown, around Adelaide and Spadina specifically. Being new to the area, he's looking for some new places to grab a quick bite for lunch, usually something he can take-out and eat in his office and that isn't too pricy (is less than $10 possible??). I'm thinking anything within a 10 minute walk is reasonable, say, Queen/King and University over to Queen/King and Portland. Any suggestions? He's fairly adventurous too, all suggestions are welcome!


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  1. Lots of options. I'll throw out a few to get the ball rolling...

    Banh Mi Boys
    Burrito Boyz
    Ravi Soups
    Khao San Road
    New York Subway

    1. I work nearby as well. Pamier Kabob (afghan place right at adelaide/spadina) is really good. Also, Fusaro's (good panini) on Spadina, The One That Got Away (seafood, fish and chips) on King, and the suggestions below.

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        Thanks for both of your suggestions! Do you have any favourites at those places?

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          Swatow on Spadina north of Dundas does great noodle soups(bbq pork w/veggies yum!) and I know they do take out.