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Jan 24, 2012 08:28 AM

MetroRail-Friendly Ethnic Eats in the DC 'Burbs

I'm always hearing here how great ethnic eats are in the outer boroughs. But I live in Adams Morgan and don't have a car. I searched some older threads but there don't appear to address the question of accessibility for those traveling via rail.

What's worth a long trip on the Red/Green/Orange/Blue/Yellow Line and I can walk to it from the metro stop?

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  1. Ruan Thai was the first that came to mind.
    Masala Art (haven't been, but have heard good things).
    Eden Center (Falls Church) for Vietnamese (again, haven't been, but most say this is the place for it - I am not a big fan of Vietnamese. Hai Duoung and Saigon Cafe come recommended).
    Joe's Noodle House.
    Puapatella is supposed to have good pizza.

    1. The first thing that screams out at me is Wheaton. A couple of blocks from the Wheaton station are two of my top favorite places in this area: Ruan Thai and Ren's Ramen, which are next door to each other. Both of these are a must-go! Time it so that you can have lunch at Ren's, and pick up take-out from Ruan Thai for dinner! Also in that neighborhood is Irene's Pupusas (the best pupusas I've had in this area, and Max's, which is said to have great falafel (I haven't tried it yet).

      Also, Joe's Noodle House is not far from the Twinbrook station.

      1. Take a look at Wheaton, Maryland, right on the Red Line. Many interesting places to eat within a 10 to 15 minute walk (if that) of the Metro station.

        Ruan Thai and Nava Thai
        Ren's Ramen
        New Kam Fong
        Full Key
        Mi La Cay (Vietnamese)
        Saigonese (for banh mi)
        Max's Kosher Deli (falafel and shawarma are the way to go)
        And so many excellent pollo ala brasa places it's hard to count...

        Good hunting!

        1. Not ethnic, but another Metro trip well worth making is to head to Court House, walk downhill to Ray's Hellburger, then continue walking downhill to Rosslyn to come back home.

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            I'm big on Wheaton for all the places mentioned. There's also Hollywood East, Marchione's and Moby Dick sushi, but of you're headed to Ray's Hellburger consider a trip to Cafe Assorti too. for Kazakh/Russian food. A decadent day would be a Hellburger with their amazing cakes for dessert ... although the full dinner at Assorti is awesome.

            1. re: repete

              opps ... to edit: the decadent day would be a Hellburger with an Assorti Cake. For me, though, I like the whole meal at Assorti .... unless I've in a huge burger mood.

          2. My favorite Indian places besides Rasika: Passage to India (Bethesda). Not sure if it's sister Spice X-ing is metro friendly.

            Agree on the Wheaton suggestions, El Pollo Rico is in Wheaton also, as well as, Virginia Square. And the Eden Center.

            Nam Viet and Minh's in Clarendon and Courthouse, respectively, are very good. Mala Tang in Virginia Square for hot pot.
            Are any of the good Chinese spots in Rockville metro friendly? Joe's or A&J??

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              As mentioned above, Joe's is within walking distance of Twinbrook.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Sichuan Pavillion is probably only a 10-minute walk from the Rockville Metro station.

                1. re: MDBBQFiend

                  Second Sichuan Pavillion in Rockville, a very short walk from the Rockville metro station (my currant favorite), Joe's Noodles, a small hike from the Twibrook station, and Ruan Thai which is a small hike from the Wheaton station.

                  1. re: MDBBQFiend

                    Yes, Sichuan Pavilion is an easy walk from Rockville metro and worth the ride! Also very close to that are Bob's Noodle 66 (mmm, rice cakes) and Mama's Dumplings.

                    The Wheaton and Eden Center spots are both also worth the metro trip.