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Jan 24, 2012 07:13 AM

Dine LA Jan/Feb 2012 Reviews

Any reviews yet? I'm going to Craft this Saturday (extending specials to the 2 Saturdays)!

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  1. had a terrific lunch at Obika today.
    will probably go back another few times during restaurant week(s).

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      What did you order? My friend and I are going on Sunday for the lunch. Thanks!

    2. loved the foie gras dinner at petrossian last night

      1. Was at Craft this week for Dine LA. The salmon was perfectly cooked and delicious. Loved the chicken liver pate and the mixed greens, the firecracker shrimp only so-so. The meyer lemon dessert was just the right finish. My friend had the short rib ravioli - unctuous and decadent. The mushroom au jus was the best part! Enjoy.

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          Craft always has some of the best DLA menus... it's a deal if you go with 3+ more persons too! More to try! Guaranteed leftovers! :D


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            I had lunch at Scarpetta and it was busy, delightful on the patio and the food divine. I had a San Remo cocktail with Campari and bourbon to start. It is now my new favorite drink. We shared the creamy polenta with mushrooms and the beef short ribs with quinoa. Both sublime. Beet pasta type raviolies with cheese and pistachio & poppy seed. Amazing! Also the salmon and more grains but good. The coconut pannacotta was my favorite but the budding was also good and more rich. Excellent experience and I hope to return. Recommended.

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            Did you go with just 2 peopls? Some have said the portions a little small. Do you think we should order a side and if so, any recommendations?

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              When I went with four people last time, we didn't leave hungry but wished we had ordered another entree instead of cocktails, which weren't that great.

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                Depends how big of stomach you have. If you're used to constantly stuffing yourself at Korean AYCE KBBQs, yes, you will leave Craft barely satiated. If you follow the Chinese adage "7 parts full", then it's perfectly enough.

                Going with a bigger party somehow always yields more quantity per person, and I'm not sure why.

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                Another Craft report.

                - Shrimp: Eh ok, just some poached smallish shrimp with a sweet sauce on top of some fennel
                - Winter greens salad: Hearty greens, standard toppings of gorgonzola and walnuts and balsamic dressing.
                - Chicken liver mousee: Very creamy and rich, hard boiled diced egg on top and crispy shallots. My first memory of chicken liver is in banh mi so the flavor was very similar but this was much creamier.

                Entrees (there were actually 6 instead of the 5 online - add bacon wrapped pork loin)
                - Salmon (instead of trout): Huge, thick portion of perfectly cooked salmon (med-rare), at least 6-8 oz portion. The skin was shatteringly crisped, like a paper thin skin cracker. Nice lemony sauce on top of the fingerllng potatoes below.
                -Duck confit: Very crisp skin and meat very rich, we got a whole leg quarter between the 2 of us.
                - Roasted veggies: Nice little assortment of roasted baby carrots, brussel sprouts, and fingerling potatoes.
                - Additional side of gnocchi: Wow, very light and fluffy, perfectly delicate seasoning. Literally tasted like mashed potato orbs barely held together.

                - Chocolate ganache bars with coconut: Nice and rich semi-sweet chocolate with fresh coconut shavings. There was a tiny bit of salt on top which was subtle.
                - Banana and vanilla bean ice cream: Banana was just like eating a fresh ripe banana, vanilla was nice and creamy.

                Overall, the appetizers were just ok, loved the entrees. A little sad about just the 1 dessert option, I love lemon desserts. The service was fantastic, although there were misteps here and there, they acknowledged and took care of it (free drink and brussel sprout leaves for 30 minute reservation wait and free gnocchi when it didn't come out with our entrees). Overall, very nice but am I going to run back for the food soon? Maybe, that ribeye for the table some people had looked fantastic!

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                  Craft was an excellent DINELA choice: I had the bacon wrapped pork loin over polenta as my entree choice and it was outstanding. Really well prepared and succulent. My dining companion had the duck confit and it was delicious as well. I loved the appetizers; especially the chicken liver pate/mousse and the kale salad was a nice counterpoint to the richness of the chicken livers. I enjoyed the shrimp appetizer but it was not as memorable as the other first course selections. Dessert was a top-quality bittersweet chocolate tart and banana and cajeta sorbets. We also had oysters as a starter, cocktails, and a bottle of Turley. Service was attentive and there was not one bad note in the entire dining experience. This is definitely a place that I will visit again. Really appreciate chowhounders recommending this restaurant for DINELA.

              3. Superb lunch today @ Sotto...first time...what a huge improvement over previous tenant (Wood Fire??)...really some of the finest italian food I've had in LA, at very reasonable prices as well.

                Staff was very friendly...also, they presented DineLA menu with regular menu which I always appreciate...it seems like they are using it actually generate new business.

                1. Went to Culina last night for dinner. Added the wine paring (3 glasses) for an additional $25. Everything was absolutely incredible, except for the chocolate dessert.