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Jan 24, 2012 07:13 AM

Appetizer Meatballs?

I'm attending a pot luck dinner on Saturday and I was told to bring an appetizer meatball. I've never been a fan of Swedish meatballs etc., but I'm willing to make some if there isn't something better, something different,out there in the way of appetizer meatballs. Any kind of different tasty recipes are welcome. Many thanks!

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  1. I'd do some sort of middle-eastern lamb/mutton meatballs/kebabs (kofta).

    1. I made these once and they were like Christmas in a crock pot, basically meatballs made with stuffing in a cranberry sauce

      I also like skewered meatballs with artichokes and tomatoes grilled

      1. I'm not a huge fan but a few years back, my sister showed up at a party of mine with a crockpot filled with meatballs and equal parts Heinz chili sauce and grape jelly. I can't tell you how quickly those things disappeared.

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        1. re: southernitalian

          I made them for the first time in December and they also disappeared. I have to say, I was not a believer but I thought they were pretty good!

          I have never made these scallion meatballs with soy-ginger glaze but I think they sound good...

        2. Ooh, I got it, I got it: Buffalo chicken meatballs! I haven't made them appetizer-sized yet, but they are mighty tasty! :)

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            Sounds different! What would you put in the meatballs?

            1. re: krisrishere

              Grated carrots, celery and onion; minced garlic, fresh parsley if you've got it.

          2. There are thousands of options other than swedish . . . .

            I'm a huge fan of a traditional italian meatball in a very herb-y tomato sauce. Depending on the type of party you could even serve them with little buns and some cheese for sort of a meatball slider (I know a little low brow for CH but they are so tasty)

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            1. re: thimes

              I agree on the Italian.
              You can also use Italian sausage meat in part, or main ingredient, of the meatball. Ifn you do this, a tiny meatball (rather than cue-ball size) is a classier presentation, but more of a pain in the ass to make....

              BTW, ain't no such thing as "low brow for CH"

              1. re: porker

                I saw Giada make meatballs like this over the weekend. Going to try them myself!