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Jan 24, 2012 06:37 AM

Indian food - Southern Connecticut Shoreline.....

Looking for a good Indian restaurant drivable from the Milford area (30 minutes either direction). I've been to an Indian buffet in Stamford before that I LOVED and a buffet would be nice since it allows us to sample many new tastes. Do any places offer a buffet option at dinner?

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  1. My wife is like you ForeverB - she prefers Indian buffets to a la carte dining because of the variety. As a result, we have tried several in our area.

    I'm guessing that you liked Coromandel (or maybe Tawa) in Stamford and are using that as a model. The original Coromandel is in Darien, and I think it is slightly better than their very good locations in Stamford or SoNo. All serve an excellent buffet most, if not all days. Thali in New Canaan is also well-regarded by me (and others), but I believe they only have a Sunday buffet. They have also opened various restaurants around the state, including New Haven. We also recently tried the buffet at Paradise Biryani in Norwalk. I love biryani, and theirs didn't disappoint, but overall we liked it less than the others.

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      New Haven abounds with Indian restaurants. There is a Coromandel in Orange on the Post Rd, and Thali on Orange St in New Haven They also have Thali too a vegetarian only spot on Broadway . Also in New Haven: Zaroka on York, this used to be my go to place but has slipped slightly of late, India Palace on Howe is good. I believe all have buffets. One whose name escapes me on the corner of Chapel and Howe
      I recently went to Cumin on Skiff in Hamden for thier buffet small but solid selection.
      One that I would avoid is Kamal on Howe, my one experience did not justify a return

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        India Palace on Howe was always my default Indian joint in New Haven, though I haven't been in at least a year. They do a buffet at lunch, not sure about dinner.

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          Chapel and Howe is Tandoor in the old Elm City Diner.

      2. Buffets in Indian restaurants are for lunch only. During the week and also most weekend days. Sunday for sure, you would need to check about Sat. This is done so people can get in and out fast and also try a variety of dishes. I am Indian and eat at most of the places already on this post. I would recommend Coromundal in both South Norwalk and Darien. Stamford is not as good. Also Thali in New Canaan. The Thali in Westport has changed to a full vegetarian restaurant, so that is not for me. Also Tawa in Stamford. Happy Eating

        1. Coromandel in Norwalk,CT or in Darien, CT are the best! ( Fairfield not as good!)

          1. Thali Too is in New Haven, in the alley behind the Apple store.

            It's vegetarian, but don't let that put you off. It has many fans who normally are determined carnivores. While you can get your favorites, they are very creative here and the prices are more than reasonable. It's a pretty place with tall ceilings. Order a Dean's dosa and it is longer than the table. The chefs can work magic with the humble potato.

            The owners have other, more upscale, places. But as I'm not exactly rolling in cash, I appreciate a place I can afford to visit on a whim.

            The staff are super nice too.

            1. This is a little too far, but just for The General Good, I feel like I should mention the amazing Indian food at Northern Indian Food on State Street in New London.

              It's where I was introduced to Indian food, so I figured it was average, until I visited my boyfriend in London last year. He raved about the Indian food, and we went to what was supposed the best Indian food in London and I tried it and I was way disappointed.

              It's really great, and I've gone enough times to know the family that runs it a little and they are lovely people.