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Jan 24, 2012 06:05 AM

Hummus Kitchen opening on 14th and 5th

I just saw the sign on my walk to work. It is replacing Pita Joe, a slickly packaged place that claimed to use only kosher meat but had no hashgacha. Hummus Kitchen has a few other locations and is under IKC. I've never been but I've heard it's good. If the hechscher is up-to-par (I have no idea), University Pita will have some serious competition.

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  1. I've been to two of their other locations and was pretty impressed with the food. Their pita is warm and fresh when they bring it out and you get enough to clean your plate! The first time I went, I had shakshouka and found the flavors to be well-balanced and the flavors were satisfying overall. When I returned to that location, I did a deal they had for 3 appetizers served as a meal. I can't remember which ones I got but they were good. I went more recently to their new location on the UWS. I got their 'orange soup' which was a special that day. It was FANTASTIC, but the waitress didn't mention that it was an appetizer portion. I found out later they'd only been open for two days, so I'd cut them slack since the first two weeks after opening can be brutal.

    1. And this would be in which country/city?

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        Union Square area of New York City.
        IKC is not an acceptable hechscher.

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          Folks, just a reminder that debating the reliability of hechschers is considered off-topic here on Chowhound. Thanks.

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          Sorry, socal, I know that's a pet peeve of yours (and mine!). I just typed so fast I forgot.

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            I ate there today. It must have opened last week. The place is very slick, very much like an Israeli/Moroccan version of Chipotle. Overall, the food was good and the hummus was very good. I had the Moroccan chicken in laffa. The chicken was good but could have been tastier. All the salads were fresh and the laffa (whole wheat) was good and freshly warmed. Prices are slightly lower than or comparable to University Pita around the corner.

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              I tried the "kitchen kebab" today, which is herbed beef/lamb meatballs. It was fantastic.

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                I walked by yesterday and saw a "For Rent" sign in the windows. Unbelievable.