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Jan 23, 2012 11:46 PM

Western Washington pig farms/co-ops for leaf lard?

Hi all,

Was hoping someone might know of a pig farm or co-op in the greater Seattle area that is able to supply heritage pigs or the very least leaf lard (what I was initially searching for). I have no issues with rendering and jarring the lard myself.

If a co-op is available that purchases beef and chicken too, that would be great. I'm trying to find an alternative to the meat aisle at Safeway. (and there's no way I'll find any leaf lard there either - unfortunately.)

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  1. I would get in touch with The Swinery in West Seattle, Bigsuff; they purchase their considerable swine product array, as well as other sustainable meats, etc. directly, and can either get what you need if they don't cary it, or put you in touch with a provider.

    I buy lard from them when I make rillettes, and it an excellent, sustainable quality product, although not cheap!

    1. Heath Putnam used to sell at the University Farmers Market. Haven't seen them lately. They sell leaf lard.

      1. Hi,

        I do not know how far you want ot roam, but they usually have it here:

        Samish Bay Cheese
        Open most days until 3 pm. Call to verify.
        Organic cheese, beef and pork.
        15115 Bow Hill Road, Bow - (360) 766-6707


          1. The thread Randy mentioned is good. Basically your three higher-end local-centric butchers---Rainshadow, the Swinery, and Bill the Butcher---carry it with varying degrees of regularity. I've had the least luck finding unrendered pig fat at BtB, but haven't tried in some time. Wooly Pig carries Mangalitsa lard at the U-District farmers' market, or at least used to (haven't checked in about a year).