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Jan 23, 2012 10:57 PM

Coming to Portland for 2 days and need food recommendations!

We (wife and I) fly in Friday and leave Sunday. For meals, we need:

Friday Lunch: yummy. open to anything, mid price range
Friday Dinner: something unique, delicious, memorable. price range, under $100/per person.
Saturday Dinner: inexpensive to mid with options for more than a few people.
Saturday/Sunday Breakfast: healthy with options.

We are very open to different cuisines.

I have no idea about areas/neighborhoods but we are staying at a Hotel Madera (near a Couch Park says google maps) and have an event on Saturday afternoon by 5th/Clay.

Thank you for your help!

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  1. We recently stayed 3 nights at The Nines and had dinner and 2 lunches at Urban Farmer there. They offer a 3 course lunch for $20 which was excellent. My husband and I shared the 3 courses each time. We also loved Departures Lounge up on the 15th floor of the The Nines. They open at 4 and serve very good Japanese food. We took my daughter and her boyfriend there after we picked them up at the airport. We also love Little Bird in downtown Portland where we have dined twice. Other favorites of ours: Meriwether's, Veritable Quandry, Le Pigeon, Park Kitchen, Higgins, The Heathman, Portland City Grill (beautiful views like Departure) and Andina. Saucebox is another favorite. If you want a good Italian meal, Pazzo is an awesome choice. :)

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      these all sound amazing. thank you!