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Jan 23, 2012 09:41 PM

day trip to Chartres

need help finding a reasonably priced, non touristy bistro for dinner when we take our day trip to do all of the typical touristy things in Chartres - I doubt that we will have much time to explore the environs gastronomically, so any suggestions will be greatly welcomed - would prefer to spend around 25E each (sans vin)

thanks for the advice

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  1. anywhere in the old town is going to be well-traveled by the tourists -- the downside of popular sites.

    1. le Saint-Hilaire near the Eglise Saint-Pierre .... if you stick to plat + dessert, in your price range ... not amazing food but the walk there and back (with a little detour along the river) makes it all worthwhile... if you're lucky, there might be an organ concert in the Eglise Saint-Pierre after lunch... 10 minute stroll from the tourist-thronged cathedral but a totally different world

      1. We had an enjoyable lunch at Les Feuillantines, at 4, rue du Bourg, in the old town. The place was small and quiet, very relaxing after being in crowds. I got dorade with brussels sprouts and rosemary and a shellfish sauce. My husband ate livers and gizzards for an entree, then rognons de veau. The dessert was excellent, chocolate quenelles with a sauce of caramel-fleur de sel and mango sorbet. Actually, that must be two desserts (I usually get to eat both our desserts). I can't remember what we paid, but Michelin shows it at 19 euros for lunch. After lunch we had a nice walk around looking at half-timbered houses in this area.

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          We just came back from Paris and took a day trip to Chartres. We had a lovely lunch at the Cafe du General and I would recommend that. Please note that if you go on a Monday, all the shops are closed and a good many restaurants too so you do not have many choices.