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Jan 23, 2012 08:56 PM

Business spouses dinner near Miami Hilton Downtown - help!

I am hosting a group of 10 women, ranging in age from 35 to 60, for dinner in Miami. They are spouses of senior managers from my husband's company, from offices all over the country. We spouses have never met one another before. We are staying at the Hilton Downtown (and departing on a 4-night cruise the following day).

I would appreciate a recommendation for a place for dinner. This dinner is a thank-you, so these ladies should come away feeling that they have had a special night -- but I only have $60 - $70 pp (including tax and tip). That's not much, but it is the best the company can do.

I am thinking of a place that has fish, small plates, or a menu full of fabulous appetizers we could make a meal out of. The place shouldn't be too loud, so we can get to know one another. It would be nice if we could dress up a little and it would be helpful for it to be within walking distance to the hotel (10 ladies would require 3 taxis!).

I don't even know Miami well enough to know how to narrow down this location in a Google search. My travel agent suggested Bin 18 or City Hall. What do you think?


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  1. I haven't been often but have liked the food at Bin 18, that might be a good suggestion. The space is nice at City Hall but I was underwhelmed by the food. Both are probably in the right price range. The only other place within walking distance that I can think of that might fit the bill is Tony Chan's Water Club (Chinese) - which I haven't been to in ages but have good memories of.

    Be advised, though, that while Bin 18 and City Hall are only about 2 blocks from the Hilton, it is a somewhat unsavory 2 blocks and I'd be cautious about walking it at night.

    If you're willing to get a taxi, that will open up the Midtown and Design District areas to you. They might be a stretch on the price, but you could also then look at places like Michael's Genuine, Sra. Martinez, Sugarcane, Sustain. I'd call in advance and see if maybe they could put together a menu for you that's within your price range. You might want to see if maybe the hotel has a shuttle that would take you back and forth.

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      I wouldn't do Bin 18 as the food is just OK, the ambiance is somewhat lacking, and it's not somewhere you would "dress up a little" to go to. I've not visited City Hall yet so I cant make a recommendation on that.

      I'd recommend going with the suggestion of Michael's Genuine or Sra Martinez. Both have a variety of small plates as well as larger plates that can be shared, both have good cocktail programs, and both have nice wine selection. Ambiance for what you're looking for is spot on too. I would definitely call ahead and inform that you are a party of 10. Both spots have indoor/outdoor dining with Michael's being the better pick if you want to eat outdoors. Check out the menus on their websites. To give you an idea of pricing... I eat at Michael's quite frequently and usually get 2-3 dishes between the small & medium plates along with 2 bourbons and my bill is usually right around $60 after tax/tip. Enjoy your trip

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        Frod is too kind and BM is lucky - the food at City Hall on my 2 visits was pretty bad. And I agree Bin 18 is probably too casual.

        Along with Michael's and Sra. Martinez I'll throw in Fratelli Lyon. Though I haven't been for a while it's always been pretty good. The setting is modern italian and the prices are probably within your range.

    2. I also like Bin 18, but I don't really think it would meet the requirement for a "secial night". Sra Martinez would be great as far as atmosphere and, small plates and really good food.

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        Love SRa M but dunno if can be done on 60 a head all in. Definitely recommend transportation over anything w/ in walking distance also.