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Jan 23, 2012 07:22 PM

DTW: Sugar House

That new bar next to Slows' in Corktown.

Great, great place. My favorite watering hole in Se-MI. Beating out Valentine Vodka tasting room, Oakland Toy Company, and D'Mongos.


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  1. Best bar in dtw. Housemade everything, rare aperitifs, top notch ingredients, no tvs, no annoying waitresses upselling that artichoke dip. Just about the company and the drinks. Only downside,or upside,is the constantly changing menu...

    1. Beautiful video, will go there ASAP. Well done.

      1. looks cool. went to the oakland toy and novelty co on saturday and enjoyed it. looking forward to trying the sugar house.

        1. As cheap as I am, this still sounds like an amazing place. The kind of place where I could walk in, tell them what I like (and drinks I've liked in the past), and they could mix me something entirely new/their own, that I would love, with top quality ingredients. And yeah: it'd cost, but it just might be worth it.

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            The prices were not astronomically high...6-10 for stuff on their cocktail menu....that's more than competitive with other places in town...