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Jan 23, 2012 06:58 PM

Yes... anothe dress code question


Hello, I am not new to reading CH but I am new to posting.

Please bear with my, as I know my general question has been beaten, close to death, if not all the way to it, numerous times before. Still, I want to ask it precisely as it is important to me that I treat my experince in New orleans appropriately when we visit in March.

I will be leaving my suits at home for this vacation, but always travel with a sport coat or two. I need to know what the specific conventional wisdom expectation is at a few places in this regard. Please note I am making a distinction between wearing a suit and a just a sport coat - they are not the same, thus my questions.


Will I be uncomfortably innappropriately dressed wearing a linen sport coat, Oxford button down shirt (without tie), and well kept khakis to a weekday lunch at Commander's Palace? I'll be strolling around the garden district that day, and a linen sport coat poses no problem for me, but I am not wearing a suit to lunch on vacation. Put plainly, will a light linen sport coat cut it?

Also, at August for dinner, again tieless, will slacks and a more casual plaid spport coat pass muster?


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    1. Yes. You will be fine on both counts.

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          1. On vacation I'll typically bring one suit but I'll also use the suit jacket as a sports coat. So just in case you do get the reservation you'll be prepared. Otherwise I'll just rock the suit coat w/ jeans, a sweater and my super shiny loafers;]