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Jan 23, 2012 06:30 PM

Talula's Garden

A few highlights: The "Four Rare & Ridiculous" cheese plate was a stunning start. S/O pronounced the Cypress Grove truffled brie to be the "best cheese she ever tasted". From the apps, the braised veal, kale & rosemary papardelle stood out along with the potato gnocci with charred brussel sprouts. S/O & friend refused to share their beef & braised short rib in pink peppercorn sauce, but I did manage to spear a taste of their perfectly seared "Sea Whistle Salmon" with crispy pancetta. Definitely a highlight on the menu, that one. I had the muscovy duck, which was outstanding & another friend seemed quite pleased with his lobster pot pie. We shared a few sides, with the leek & leafy greens topped with melted gruyere a decadent delight.

can't wait to go there in the summertime & eat outside. Even on a cold, snowy night the garden looked gorgeous & inviting.

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  1. sounds delicious! Would you mind sharing the price per person?

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      Not cheap, unfortunately! We spent about $90/person with 5 drinks between the 4 of us. However, we totally splurged & ordered just about everything on the menu, so keep that in mind. It's more likely $75/person for the less omnivorous among us.
      As Laban review noted, the drinks aren't cheap & the place is a bit precious, but the food is outstanding & the service (especially our waitress) was warm, attentive, & charming.