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business dining Ft. Lauderdale

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We will be in Ft Lauderdale at Harbor Beach Marriot for a week of business meetings. Any reccommendations for dinner on the corporate tab? There's the usual Capitol Grille but we can have that anywhere. Probably 10 - 12 people from mostly Chicago. Looking for service, atmosphere and probably plenty of seafood & steak ( though some of us (me) are more adventurous. Is Casa d'Angelo suitable? These folks like italian too. The menu looks right.

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  1. 3030 Ocean at your hotel is excellent for seafood. Casa d'Angelo is suitable, but stay away if you are here during the weekend, as it is a "zoo," and reservations are not honored in a timely fashion.

    1. Grille 66 at the Hyatt is a good option for steak and seafood, and has a great setting on the intra coastal. I hosted a business dinner for a similar size group there a couple of years ago with people from all over the world and everyone had a great time. Request a table outside for great views of the passing boats.

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        Thanks so much. Any thoughts on Yolo (somewhat mor causal I think) and 954 Steak?

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          Yolo is a "scene" if you go past 8PM. Steak 954 is not great. I'd recommend Capital Grill or even Ruth's Chris over it.

      2. I agree with 3030 Ocean and also like Market 17. I also just heard some really good reviews for Seawatch which I haven't been to since they renovated, but it's supposed to be very good.