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Jan 23, 2012 06:19 PM

Wichita Kansas Restaurant Recommendations

Traveling to Wichita and am looking for a few great restaurant recommendations.

No real filter here. I'm there for 2 weeks so that's a lot of time to visit. willing to drive but not over 30 mins unless it's unmissable.

Anything. Craft beer. Craft Cocktails. Vietnamese. Steak. Speakeasy. BBQ. Hamburgers. Bakery.

And of course Coffeeshops.

Thankyou in advance

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  1. Two weeks in Wichita? Not knowing what your budget is here is a list of area eateries and a small bit of information.
    Local establishments that have their roots in Wichita include the original NUWay Cafe (where crumbly is better) 1416 W Douglas. Their burgers are made with crumbled beef, root beer is made daily, and their onion rings are wonderful. It opened July 4, 1930 and remains a local institution.
    Heart of Downtown
    Cafe Bel Ami, 229 East Williams, (corner of Williams and S. Broadway). A French - Mediterranean mix. A quiet restaurant for a nice business lunch or an evening out. I've always found the food nicely prepared and presented.
    In old town (just east of downtown)
    The Old Mill Tasty Shop, 604 E Douglas, another Wichita tradition with an old fashioned soda fountain. Arrive before lunch so you don't have to wait to be seated.
    Larkspur Bistro and Bar, 904 East Douglas. French, Italian, Mediterranean, and American. A nice evening meal or a great lunch.
    Caffé Moderne, 300 N. Mead. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've not eaten there but friends suggest if you go for nothing else, go for the gelato!!
    The Anchor, 1109 East Douglas. Steaks, burgers, and plenty of sandwich selections.
    B&C Barbeque, 355 N Washington. Smoked BBQ in an old auto
    East Wichita
    Yia Yia's, 8115 E. 21st St. North (Rock Road and 21st) Located on the north end of Bradley Fair Shopping Center. Semi-casual dining, nice wine list, fairly complete menu. I can't go there without having the Shrimp A La Plancha, which serves me as an entire lunch.

    Chester's Chop House, 1550 N Webb Rd. I almost hesitate to list this as I have struggled eating at Chester's. I've eaten sea bass that was quite delicious but could not stand the noise in the main dining area. I carry a pocket flashlight to read the menu not knowing they have them available for your use. We took a business associate there for dinner and were seated beyond the main dining area to one overlooking the lake. It was much more pleasant and the steak nearly melted in my mouth. The last visit made up for the "average" visits. Be forewarned it is a pricey meal.
    I'll get back with a few others but have run out of time.

    1. Previous poster is on the right track. For lunch or Friday or Saturday dinner, include Tanya's Soup Kitchen on East Douglas. Local and wonderful.