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Jan 23, 2012 06:16 PM

what time should I book dinner reservation Lundi Gras and catch end of the parade?

Would someone remind me what time the Lundi Gras afternoon parades will make it to the CBD/Warehouse area? I want to book an early dinner that night at Pelican Club or Luke and want to insure we don't have to rush dinner yet, can find a good spot in the warehouse district to catch the end of the Monday night parades.

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  1. Luke is right on the parade route. They might have something cool going on there for the parades. I’d say the parades will get there around 7:30 and Orpheus will be in full swing by 8:30 or 9:00. But, one big tractor disaster and that could change by an hour or two. Also if you dine at Luke, it is nearly impossible to cross St. Charles during the parades so if you are staying on the opposite side of the street or you want to get into the FQ, you’re kinda SOL for a while.

    1. Considering the time frame, and the date, when do they have available tables?

      That will likely be the biggest question.



      1. Stay away from Canal parade time. The further uptown you dine, the better the crowd. Superior Seafood recently opened on the corner of St. Charles/Napoleon and is on the front end of the route, however getting back to your hotel could be challenging.

        1. Good feedback so far and quite honored that some of my favorite posters have replied to my question! To answer some of the comments below, we will have driven in that day from Atlanta after visiting our daughter at GT and are staying at the Marriott Conv Center. I attended HS in New Orleans, lived there with my wife in the late 80's and we go back almost every year to visit friends; so I'm very familiar with getting around NO during Mardi Gras. But this will be the first time in quite some years that we're there for Fat Tuesday (usually do the weekend before Endymion weekend to avoid the crazies from out of town). So in some respects I want to park the car and just hang out in the Warehouse district/CBD Monday night. Luke has plenty of availability early that night, I have to call Pelican Club directly for reservations. Believe me, I'll avoid Canal when we're done with dinner. We did the oyster happy hour at Luke when we were there in October but I havent been to Pelican in years. So final question, any preference for one over the other?

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            Orpheus ends at the Convention Center, so the Warehouse District will be full of parade-goers. Well, at least from Julia Street towards Canal. The parade goes down St Charles up and down Canal a bit, and then Tchoupitoulas to Julia to Convention Center. So Luke is right on parade route. It is difficult but not necessarily impossible to cross the parade route. just depends. It usually isn't too crowded in the last several blocks, probably because it can get so late. And they throw A LOT, if you're interested.

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              Go to Emeril's ...corner of Tchoup/julia. They have valet parking plus the food is much better than either Luke or Pelican Club.

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                Again, I used to own a restaurant on Common St. and the cops were really strict from Canal to Poydras and around Lee Circle about crossing the parade route. I would stick with something on the Warehouse District side, like you said, park the car and enjoy. There are plenty of great options there- Meson 923, Cochon, A-Mano, Tommy’s, Emeril’s.

                1. re: shanefink

                  You are 100% correct Shanefink. There are police barricades on both sides of the street from the overpass on to very near the end of the parade route. You cannot cross except in an emergency. You're on the side you're on, unless you walk way around. A Mano seems like a great suggestion to me; obviously make reservations.

                  1. re: uptownlibrarian

                    THEORETICALLY you can't cross, but in actuality, you usually can IF the parade isn't passing, and sometimes even if it is. However, do not EVER try to cross a street, barricades or not, in the middle of a band, say between the dancing girls and the drum major, or something like that.

                    Last year we ate at Luke, left the restaurant, went just a few feet to get past the stands, and were able to slip through the space where the barricade meets the stand, and jog across the street and do the same thing. Don't try to do it RIGHT in front of a cop. Just wait until they stroll down a ways or turn around.

                  2. re: shanefink

                    Yes, crossing a parade route, is not for the uninitiated, and even some of the pros have a hard time doing it.

                    Back when I lived in NOLA, I planned each day, near Mardi Gras, with great care. I just would move some clients to other days. That is the way that it is.

                    Get a map of all parade routes, and time, and plan carefully.