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Jan 23, 2012 06:15 PM

Birmingham (and maybe Tuscaloosa) on Sunday

Taking a quick trip this coming weekend. On Sat I'm going to Chez FonFon for lunch and Cafe Bottega for dinner, a Stitt two-fer. LOL Having a hard time locating good spots for breakfast or brunch or lunch on Sunday, though. Any suggestions? I'm staying at the Sheraton downtown, thinking about heading out to Moundville on Sunday, so could do lunch and/or dinner in that neck of the woods, or somewhere in between. I'm not really in the mood for Asian or Mexican I think ... I like BBQ but don't live for it. I'm not interested in a place where I'm going to have to stand in line and wait more than 10 or 15 minutes to get in.

Speaking of FonFon and Cafe Bottega ... do they have bar areas where a single diner can order food? Or tables only?

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  1. Birmingham doesn't have a lot of choices for Sunday brunch for some reason. The best ones in town are at Dram and Dyron's Low Country. After that, I'd say the Veranda. If you want breakfast, I'd add Over Easy to the list.

    Both FonFon and Bottega have bar seating. On weekends, Bottega's bar is usually full of people drinking while waiting for a table so you might have to wait a bit to get a seat to eat.

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      Thanks so much, great tips, all had escaped my (admittedly limited) radar. Funny about Dram/Avo ... I'm very familiar with their sister restaurants here in Nashville, didn't know that group also had something in Bham.

    2. I would say is the best brunch. Veranda is the best atmosphere with a really good brunch. Also, I'm pretty sure FonFon is not open for lunch on Saturdays. However, Bottega Cafe is and then you could do FonFon for dinner. Seeing as how both use the same menu for lunch and dinner you wouldn't be missing anything at either place. Also, the chances of finding a bar stool are probably better at FonFon for dinner than the Cafe.

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        Yes, I got FonFon and Bottega Cafe mixed up when I was typing the OP ...

        Thanks for the reco on the Trattoria, too. Looks like I have some good choices.

      2. Cafe Savannah in Forest Park has a delicious Sunday brunch.

        Trattoria Centrale is indeed tasty, but unless you get there early or just before closing, you will wait in line.

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          Pretty sure Little Savannah stopped doing brunch several months ago. You are right about a line at Trattoria, but I've always found it to be worth the wait!