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Jan 23, 2012 06:11 PM

Union Buffet and pho 99, wilshire and barrington.

Union Buffet and Pho 99, mini-mall, Wilshire near Barrington
What do you think of these joints ? at the very least for being on the westide of course?

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  1. I think Union Buffet is very mediocre.

    1. You probably remember the thread on Union Buffet from about a year ago since you posted on it, but if you look at my profile it's at the top of my favorite restaurant listing. It's the third Chinese buffet that has been at that location and the only one that has any kind of Asian following. However, steer clear of the sushi and the teppan, which aren't any good, and stick with the stuff in the trays.

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        I took note when Chandavki said he liked Union Buffet for AYCE:

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          The tempura sushi has my vote for LA's Single Most Disgusting Food

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            We had gone once before your recommendation. Since then we've been 3 additional times. It's a fair price for a fair meal. I admit a fondness for their orange chicken and their fried rice and their shumai. Their little ice cream freezer where you scoop your own also has its charms and the fresh fruit is a plus. I'm sure we will go on an infrequent basis when an easy and fairly inexpensive meal is on the agenda and I don't want to wait to eat.

          2. I like the food at both Union Buffet and Pho99.
            I don't understand why Union Buffet has such low stars on Yelp. The food is asian (mainly chinese), which is decent for westside Chinese food (it's impossible to get good Chinese food on westside, so I will settle for decent). And for the price of $14 per person for the dinner buffet, which includes crab, oysters sashimi, duck, fish, its a great price.

            Pho99 is one of the best places to get pho on the westside (once again, I settle for decent pho, over driving to Westminster for good pho. Don't bother eating at places like Pho Citi or Pho Show, they are just terrible). I just hate their crappy service, and them demanding you to tip in cash. Even though we all know that servers rely on tips for their income, but *expecting* a tip, and demanding for it in cash is just beyond rude.

            1. Union Buffet- Its pretty inexpensive. Can't think of anything I like there though, I go when I want to load up on chicken/protein. Its not horrible though, its just a little depressing eating in there though.

              Pho99. I go there when I'm sick or have a cold. The Pho is ok, not really outstanding but its quick and fairly inexpensive. I'm not a fan of pho really so I'm not the best one to ask. I sometimes get the Bun, which i like and the vietnamese coffee. like not having to wait for the bill, just pay at the register.

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                Union Buffet makes Panda look like Mr. Chow. Cheap greeeeeesy food and lots of it.

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                  Well, Panda Express' food has probably actually been "cooked" within 30 minutes of you eating it. I don't think I can say the same about Union Buffett, it looks like a lot of it is recycled.

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                    That's why Panda was compared to Mr. Chow. Union is not close to Panda; that how bad Union is.

              2. I live close by and find my way to Union Buffet about once a month. I'd never argue that its the best food around, but there are a number of items that are good, and in my experience on any given visit I'm likely to a find a few that are better than I would have expected.

                When I was there last week, the crab legs were of a surprisingly high quality given the setting, though I'll admit they usually aren't. They also had whole grileld mackrel that were very good. Some items, such as the duck and the steamed buns, are great some nights and horrid on others.

                Plus, the fruit is usualy fresh and the ice cream is a nice bonus.

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                  I go once a week for lunch (the rest of my lunches are in the SGV)--and I live in Los Feliz and work downtown, so it's not particularly convenient. If you concentrate on the good stuff it's really worth while.