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Jan 23, 2012 03:16 PM

Lincoln NE - Need dining recommendations

I will be in Lincoln, NE for a long weekend and need dining recommendations. I will have a car,
so location in town is not an issue. I would appreciate recommendations for breakfast places, casual lunch, nicer lunch and a couple of dinner places. No chain restaurants and no Japanese/sushi.
Thank you in advance.

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  1. Most of the following are in/around downtown and really easy to get to. You didn't say what kind of food you're looking for - Lincoln has a huge range, from taquerias and pho joints to high-end dinner spots, so I'm just giving you some possibilities. If you can be a little more specific I can try to make more tailored/detailed recs.

    Breakfast: Green Gateau, Bread and Cup

    Lunch: Blue Orchid Thai

    If you're looking for a casual deli-type place for one of your lunches, Highnooner makes yummy, inexpensive sandwiches and really good soups in a totally unpretentious atmosphere:

    Dinner (or nicer lunch): Dish, jtk, The Oven

    For a more casual dinner at a brew-pub with very good (not amazing) food, you could try Lazlo's.


    Great casual pho/general Vietnamese:

    Hole-in-the-wall taqueria, best in Lincoln for tacos (the rest of the menu is just ok):

    Imperial Palace has solid (and sometimes amazingly good) Chinese, but if you're a foodie who likes your Chinese food authentic, make sure you ask for the "other menu." They have an American Chinese menu and then an alternative menu for people who want their Chinese food Chinese. On the "authentic" menu, the beef with cumin is fabulous.

    Imperial Palace
    701 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68503

    1414 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Green Gateau
    330 S 10th St Ste 110, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Dish Restaurant
    1100 O St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    The Oven
    201 N 8th St Ste 117, Lincoln, NE 68508

    201 N 7th St Ste 107, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Super Taco
    5501 Holdrege St, Lincoln, NE 68504

    Lazlo's Brewery & Grill
    710 W P St, Lincoln, NE 68528

    Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant
    129 N 10th St Ste 111, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Bread and Cup
    440 N 8th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

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    1. re: Kitchen Imp

      These look great - how about a place for a very nice dinner out? Also, any decent non-chain
      Italian restaurants in Lincoln? thanks

      1. re: jmk38

        A very nice dinner out (for Lincoln) would be Dish or jtk. (See links above.) Both are sort of Ameri-Continental, if that makes sense.

        I have not found a good Italian restaurant in Lincoln. Stay away from Vincenzo's. It's truly dreadful - about a half-step up from Denny's in flavor.

        1. re: Kitchen Imp

          Great - and thanks for the warning about Vincenzo's

          1. re: jmk38

            How about any good place at or near Sheldon Museum at UNL, UNL generally or
            the Ross Theatre?

            1. re: jmk38

              If it's not too cold a night, Dish is within easy walking distance - three blocks. (It's the go-to place for campus leaders when they host visiting dignitaries, scholars, artists, etc.)

      2. re: Kitchen Imp

        Welcome to Nebraska, Kitchen Imp! I agree with pretty much all of your recommendations! :)

        1. re: Kitchen Imp

          Kitchen Imp is pretty much spot on - especially the comment on Italian. If I am downtown for dinner I usually go to the Dish. Another higher end (at least for Lincoln) dinner place is the Country Club of Lincoln. Loren from Venue is now cooking there. It is private though so you have to be a member or with one and the atmosphere isn't for everyone. I'll add that my current favorite lunch spot dowtown is Sultan's Kite. Their fallafel with green chutney sauce is to die for and it is a very casual friendly spot.

        2. We also have a couple of great food trucks if you're looking for a quick bite. They move around a lot and post their locations on Facebook and Twitter. Google HeoyaNebraska and GUPKitchen for their web addresses. Heoya does a sort of Asian fusion with SE Asian tacos, rice bowls, crab rangoons and GUP is known for their artisan sandwiches. YUM! Enjoy your visit to Lincoln!