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Chianina in Rome?

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Rome where we can find a great Chianina steak in the Tuscan style?

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  1. Hello Brady!
    In my opinion the best chianina in touristic areas is available at Dal Toscano in via Germanico, near the Vatican. There are different restaurants with a similar name in other areas, better to check the street name before going there. I definitely suggest that one for meat's lovers and they have also other nice Tuscan preparations. For the meat I personally prefer their entrecĂ´te more than fiorentina (big steak with bone). Reservation highly recommended few days in advance.

    Dal Toscano
    Via Germanico 58,, Rome, Lazio 00192, IT

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      Dal toscano doesn't have real chianina. Actually i don't think any restaurant in rome has chianina, just a few butchers. I never understood/saw the difference before I had the real thing.