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Sunday Brunch/Lunch

Staying on South Congress but will drive. Thinking La Condesa, Lucy's, or Foreign and Domestic. A friend of mine said to go to Takoba. Any thoughts?

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  1. Ok, you want something special? Takoba is nice but not particularly special.

    There are several great places right downtown.

    La Condesa -- per its theme, rather exotic Mexican, some very interesting

    Malaga -- a buffet brunch that is remarkably good. Very Spanish, eggs are quite fresh, lots of options

    2nd & Congress -- a creative American brunch. Eggs with interesting polentas, pork, etc.

    Haddington -- another creative brunch

    Lambert's -- good egg dishes with loads of barbecue meats and some buffet sides.

    Garrido's is also pretty good but pretty standard Mexican.

    Menus should all be online, check them out.

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      lamberts is good, just stay away from the "bbq"

    2. I'll throw in Max's Wine Dive. Good brunch and drinks. The egg sandwich is very good as is the french toast and the fried chicken.

      1. Handingtons has our favorite brunch right now. They have Benton's bacon and country ham. Their foie biscuits and gravy are great.

        Elizabeth St. Cafe has great pastries and interesting fusion brunch dishes. My scrambled egg bahn mi with Vietnamese sausage was great recently. Their ham and cheese croissant will make you regret wearing a dark shirt it is so flakey. Limited inside seating if the weather is sketchy.

        1. Try Green Pastures for an old-school Sunday Brunch.

          1. A few of my friends are obsessed with F&D's brunch right now. I've enjoyed Haddington's, Green Pastures and Perla's.

            1. Taverna on 2nd Street is my favorite for brunch. The pork and sweet potato hash is delicious and you can't beat the $1 mimosas and bellinis.

              1. My 1st choice for brunch will always be Fonda San Miguel. If you've never been, it should be a the top of your list as well.

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                  On a whim we hit Fonda last Sunday for brunch and were lucky that the head chef was back in town for his once every three month checkup on the place . . this decadent and creamy chanterelle mushroom and chicken dish knocked our socks off and the deserts are nearly worth the price tag. What a lovely brunch. And the place is just so well decorated and lit. Always a treat.

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                    Nice! Having Miguel running in the show always makes it extra special.