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Jan 23, 2012 01:57 PM

Dockside Sea Grill

Stopped in Saturday afternoon for the first time. This little restaurant is located at 766 Northlake Blvd, Lake Park Florida. It started out kinda bad, because there was only one girl waiting on the tables. Then the lovely owner jumped in and helped out. Just had the sirloin burger to get the feel of things. Only $7.95 for a great burger and fries. The burger and fries were great. I will absolutely go back soon to try the seafood. Looking at others dishes I was amazed. The presentaion of the plates were fantastic.

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  1. I love this place for lunch and they serve a great blackened mahi sandwich. Along with fries, they give you a pineapple wedge and a strawberry slice as well. They also have sunset dinners for the thrifty ones.

    1. freaker.....I tried it again Sunday....The service still kinda sucks, but the food is great. I took your advice and tried the blackened mahi sandwich...Very good. As a starter we had the buffalo calamari.Very spicy but excellent.. My friend had the lobster roll ,which is actually a wrap. Loved it. I must say the presentation of each dish ranks up there with the pros. I honestly believe if the service would kick it up this could be one of the best stops in the area.But I will be back...Please stop and try it, but do it when you are not in a hurry. The bloody mary was top knotch

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        Hmm this is perplexing...

        "My friend had the lobster roll ,which is actually a wrap... I must say the presentation of each dish ranks up there with the pros".

        On the face if it, this makes no sense. A "Lobster Roll"... is not a wrap.

        No offense but I'd be interested to hear how putting a Lobster Roll on a wrap is any sort of improvement.

        But I have an open mind!

      2. CF...Don't shoot the messenger... Click on the link and go to sandwiches.

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        1. re: HotMelly

          Wasn't criticizing you at all Melly... just sayin...

          Dressed lobster on a whole wheat wrap... sounds like a Lobster Wrap, not a Lobster Roll.

          But I'm not the food-naming police, I'm sure no one cares, etc etc.

          1. re: CFByrne

            And we present to you.....drum roll please......

            Lobster Melly-Byrne Wrap  $16.95
            Lobster with Scallions, Shallots, and Tomato
            tossed in Dijon Aioli on a Whole Wheat Wrap. A Chowhound Fav ;)

        2. I'm just messin' with ya CF. I agree. Maybe they should change the name of it.

          1. The original comment has been removed