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Jan 23, 2012 01:53 PM

Visiting Yale Need healthy fast food suggestions

I am visiting Yale on a grant for the next 2 months and need a place for cheap healthy food. I am coming from Toronto where I live in juice bars that have free wifi.


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  1. Edge of the Woods on Whaley Ave. has a nice juice bar and food to go or eat in.

    1. Claire's Cornercopia is healthy, with WiFi, though the food is probably not 'cheap.'

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        Was just about to suggest this. Not cheap, all veggie, very tasty!

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          Definitely, the food trucks...the grilled chicken guy is my fav

        2. Healthy AND fast food? Can't think of one that fits the bill. More like you'll have to poke around to find specific offerings that work for you.

          Mamoun's is fast and affordable. You can't beat their falafel sandwich for price and it strikes me as pretty dang healthy.

          At York Street Noodle House, you can opt for some very tasty and reasonable vegetarian options.

          Thali Too, behind the Apple store, is vegetarian. They fry. They use ghee. But there are good inexpensive noodle bowls that you can customize.

          If you can get yourself down to Chestnut Fine Foods, on State Street, you can glory in some home cooked foods that will be as healthy as your common sense when you order. They do damn good soups and gorgeous breads. If you can't resist the pastry or the cheese, you have only yourself to blame. And you can snag a sunny little table in the window.

          There are a whole mess of places in the East Rock area closer to Yale that are grocery stores/delis that do some very nice things. Nico's, for example. A couple of these spots have tables on the sidewalk that are nice when the weather is agreeable. There's also a place that offers middle eastern fare down that way, that I have not tried yet.

          I'm sure there are more, but half the fun is poking around. If you are looking for a place to park your laptop and hang out, there are any number of nice coffee bars. I'm partial to Jojo's on Park Street. They do the best latte in town and I adore their ginger lemon tea which they make fresh and is one of those comfort beverages for all manner of ills. Super nice people.

          Explore! We have a very high Italian population and our Latin American population is growing every day. The deliciousness just keeps ramping up. And don't listen to the propaganda that tells you how bad New Haven is. The scariest thing here are the Yalies, and they're only bad because they don't look before they cross the street.


          1. Lucky for you a fast food healthy take-out place JUST opened near the Yale campus.

            It's called Pure Health Lounge and it's on Audubon Street next to a fantastic little coffee shop called Koffee?.


            Claire's Cornercopia
            Red Lentil
            Miya's Sushi (surprisingly cheap, you can get away with spending very little and they often will just give you the high protein local seaweed miso soup for free. even the sushi rice is whole grain and healthy as can be, salad is cheap and amazing)
            Mamoun's (not all super healthy, but mostly cheap)
            York Street Noodle House (again, have to be picky on healthiness but excellent when you make healthy choices and CHEAP)
            Edge of the Woods
            Booktrader Cafe
            Little Salad Shop
            Gourmet Heaven

            And I'm sure I'm missing a few. There's a lot of good food for such a small city.

            There's also the new co-op grocery store that kind of emulates a Whole Foods experience on 360 State Street. I don't know if you'll have a car, but there are options in other towns. For example, in Milford you have Whole Foods, Orange has Jamba Juice, etc.