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Jan 23, 2012 01:40 PM

Commanders on Monday plus Bday rec

My husband and I will be visiting Sat. Jan 28th - Thurs. Feb 2nd and I've become overwhelemed with choices! We have had two prior visits (pre and post Katrina) but both trips involved travel companions who limited our food itinerary.

This time it is just the two of us and we are looking forward to a relaxed schedule with lots of time for eating, wandering and indulging in some cocktails. We are staying at the Monteleone and will not have a car but are happy to hop in a cab or on the streetcar.

We have never been to Commander's Palace or Galatoire's but we thought we would visit Commanders for lunch Monday. Is this worthwile or will it be empty? Would we better off having lunch at Galatoires? I assume husband would want to wear a blazer for both of these at lunch?

It will be my husbands 50th on Tuesday so I'd love to take him for a special dinner but I've become glassy eyed with choices. We are most interested in food/atmosphere that we would not find in NY.

Places that are on my list;

Green Goddess -had a fabulous brunch there last October and definitely want to go back
Mr. B's for BBQ Shrimp and gumbo - on list last time but did not make it
Drago's for oysters - I know Hiltion gets mixed reviews but NYC doesn't really do grilled oysters
Coquette/Patois/Herbsaint/Dante's Kitchen- all of these menus look great! Would any of these be suitable for a birthday? Would August be more birthday worthy?
Parkway Tavern for Po boys
Pascal Manales -is this worth it or is Mr. B's a better choice?
Cochon - the menu is intriquing, thought it might be place to just get some small plates at the bar.
BonTon - this seems appeallingly old school

we also plan to visit City Park one day (possibly Sunday) any good options nearby?

We generally like to have an idea of where we want to go without being tied down to too many reservations - but I'm not sure how feasible that is.

We plan on drinks at a number of venues including the Roosevelt hotel, Napoleon, Tujaques, Hermes Bar and of course a number of spins on the Carousel!

The more I read peoples trip reports the more I wish we had more time to visit!

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  1. Take the St. Charles streetcar to Washington and walk two blocks to Commander’s Palace and enjoy their weekday $20.00 lunch special and 25 cent martini’s. After lunch walk 3 blocks to Magazine Street and visit the neat shops and stores in the 3,000 to 5,000 block area. You can take the Magazine Street bus back to the FQ or walk back to St. Charles and catch the streetcar.
    Go to Mr. B's. It's across the street from your hotel. Drago's is outstanding. You can get a good po boy at Parkway or Johnny's. Get one to go and Johnny's and dine on a bench in Jackson Square. Add Muriel's to your list for fine dining. Bon Ton is outstanding. They are not open on weekends. Include Emeril's in your plans too. Walk there and stop by Lucy's Bar for drinks. Mondo's is outstanding near city park. Liuzza's by the Track and Mandina's are great too.

    I would skip Brigtsen's and go to Clancys which is Uptown too.

    1. Just wanted to add that Galatoire's is closed on Monday.
      Parkway Tavern is very close to City Park.
      I don't think Commander's Palace is ever "empty'.
      Enjoy your trip !

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      1. re: BerkeleySQ

        Skip Pascal's and have some cocktails and bbq shrimp at Mr.B's bar just so you can experience them. Same for Drago's grilled oysters (except you'll want at least a dozen each). All your choices for a bd dinner are good. August is by far the most formal and sedate. Downstairs at Coquette is boisterous and lively. You will likely be seated at one of the very closely spaced two tops in the front if they are busy. Request the two top by the window upstairs for some breathing room and less bustle. Go to Arnaud's French 75 for cocktails. Esquired rated top 5 in U.S.

        Best bet at Parkway is the shrimp po boy. They haven't served oyster poboys since Katrina. Go to Casamentos for an oyster loaf. Stop in Miss Maes ( on the corner) for a bloody.

        Definitely small plates at Cochon or go next door to Butcher.
        Ralph's is just across the street on City Park Ave. from City Park. Lola's is about 6 or so blocks down Esplanade from City Park. They open around 5:30. Rue 127 is across the street from Walgreens on Carrollton (next to Doson noodle, it's small and easily overlooked). Brocato is on the same side as Walgreens but a block closer to City Park.

        1. re: JazzyB

          Thank you all for the great feedback. we have our res for Monday at CP and will definitely follow Littleman's route down Magazine Street. We are leaving Monday's dinner up in the air - not sure how full we will be after CP.

          On Saturday we get in around 11 - the plan is to drop our bags and head to Green Goddess, wander the quarter and have some BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's perhaps drinks and snacks at Arnauds/antoines or dragos. If we have the energy this might be a good niht for Frenchman Street - would Mimi's in the marigny be worthwhile?

          Sunday will be City park day - perhaps breakfast at Lukes on the way to the streetcar? We are open to other options . After the park we will do Parkway and perhaps Angelo Brocato.

          We will scratch Pascale Manales but would like to do BonTon and Casamento's.

          Tuesday - leaning towards August (good location, no cabs needed) but the idea of Dante's kitchen followed by walk up to Maple also appealing. Would one of Emeril's places be a better birhday locale?

      2. For the birthday meal, Coquette would be a great choice. I love Patois and Herbsaint also, but they are a bit more casual so I wouldn't think of them as much as "birthday" meals (though if you're up for casual then they would be great).

        Of course, Commander's would also be a great option for a special meal. Though the Garden Room is lovely during the day and at lunch you can enjoy $0.25 martinis.

        August is nice but I was a bit underwhelmed at my lunch, and dinner is much more pricey. Plus, the ambiance at August is closer to what we have in NYC than the others.

        Whatever you decide, enjoy! And report back.

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        1. re: ml77

          Coquette is no more formal than either Herbsaint or Patois, especially downstairs. Emeril's flagship is his best venue. It is quite lively. BTW, they offer lunch m-f with a 3 course special $19.50. the fied chicken and waffles with Crystal butter sauce is very good and very filling.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Well when I ate at Coquette I sat upstairs, which may explain the difference, but I definitely felt like it was a bit more upscale than Herbsaint and definitely more than Patois. This isn't a knock on any of them. I loved all three meals, and in fact probably enjoyed the food at Patois the most (though service was spotty). But Coquette seemed a bit more like what many people look for in a special occasion meal.