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Jan 23, 2012 01:07 PM

had any great foie gras recently?

I'm wondering which restaurants are currently serving a great piece of foie gras. Somethng I'll enjoy and remember eating for some time. Not parfait, just a nice silky smooth slab of foie gras with whatever else comes with it!

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  1. I had an amazing foie gras dish at Canoe the other week, although at $27 I guess it would have to be pretty damn good.

    1. Pastis versions are still as good as ever. Torchon or seared. Or you can opt for a 'foie gras duo'! What the hack! Have the calves liver with red wine reduction and lardons for entree as well! One of the best in town!

      1. Trevor Kitchen and Bar usually has good execution on their meals/plates
        and a lengthy list of foie gras on the menu