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Breakfast for dinner ...party ideas

I want to have a party in february for my birthday that is breakfast themed. I was planning on making mini quiches and having whatever fruit i can find but I need more ideas. It wont be a sit down party and I have warming dishes to keep things at certain temperatures. I'd like it to be somewhat simple but interesting so not just platters of bacon, eggs and hash browns. Not sure how many but it could be 30 or so people.

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  1. Emeril's Lobster Cheesecake is quite elegant. It's pricey to make, but it will impress, I guarantee.


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      Lobster cheesecake sounds very inviting so I clicked on your link. If you really love this recipe, you may not want to read the rest of what I write... Fair warning!

      Emeril, bless his heart (cause with cooking like this, his heart need's it), is making Paula Deen look like a diet guru! I added up all of the calories and fat grams for each ingredient of the recipe using CalorieKing.com, but left out the garnishes, and that lobster cheesecake tips my calculator at 10,350.2 calories and 532 grams of fat! Lagasse suggests 12 to 16 servings, so 1/12 comes out to 862.52 calories and 44.33grams of fat, or 16 servings slim down to "only" 646.89 calories and 33.25 grams of fat. With friends like Emeril, who needs Paula? I think this is what they call a "killer recipe!"

      Sorry for the rain on anyone's parade. Oh, and if you do follow his suggestion for 7 ounces of osetra caviar as a garnish, you might come off saving calories, fat AND money by simply serving lobster.

      EDIT: Since I've been a wet blanket, I don't want to leave without making a constructive suggestion. Well, besides the lobster, I mean. Have you thought about setting out boxes and boxes of kids favorite breakfast cereals -- Cheerios, Cap'n Crunch, FrootLoops, shredded wheat, Raisin Bran, Rice Crispies.... at least a dozen or more different kinds -- along with bowls of strawberries, bananas for slicing, blueberries, whatever? Several major cities in the US now have breakfast restaurants that cater to the cold kid cereal crowd and they're crowded.l This could be a lot of fun if you make it a pajama party and tell everyone their pajamas have to have feet! To stay with the breakfast theme, I'd go for something like this mille crepe cake as a birthday cake: http://kitchentrialweekends.blogspot....

      Whatever you serve, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And may some loving soul give you maid service the morning after for a present. '-)

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        Oh FFS -- it's a birthday party -- there's 364 other days in the year to worry about eating healthy stuff.

        (and seriously? You rail against a lobster cheesecake and recommend putting out bowls of cereal-flavored sugar lumps in the same post?)

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          Whadaya think the cholesterol count is for the sugar bombs? My way they'll only get diabetes, not diabetes AND a heart attack '-)

    2. Oh that sounds like so much fun! You could have a Pajama Party!! Make a birthday cake with COFFEE frosting!!! Serve a huge French Toast Casserole. Can you make really big pancake with lots of "breakfast" toppings on it--like say, bacon, canadian sausage? Actually, you could do muffins and have them topped with glazed bacon "frosting"...or you can do eggs and cheese in little muffin tins. Lots of bagels, and different cream cheeses, Lox...a breakfast sandwich bar. Sounds like a lot of fun...Oh wait!! Mexican coffee--Irish Coffee...all that good boozey coffee can be served!! Can I come?

      1. A German farmers omelet has always worked for me. Thin slices of cooked potato, hard sausage, hard cheese, cooked onions, salt and pepper. Cover with beaten eggs and finish in the oven.

        If you are from the Hamburg area, you can also add some herring.

        1. I can't say that I've ever actually made this but I have it filed away for a time when host a brunch. It's a goat cheese quiche with hash brown crust.

          The original Martha Stewart recipe...


          And adapted with more vegetables added...


          1. Eggs in baskets are fun.

            Country French Omelett - can be sliced in wedges to serve. I add sauteed onion, green/red pepper and mushrooms

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              +1 on the eggs in baskets. I've made them with just ham cups too, and they're good.

              Devilled eggs? Strata?

            2. How about Monkey Bread?

              1. I kept all my recipes for big brunch parties in a google doc here: https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AS...

                I did this menu for my youngest daughter's 1st and 2nd birthdays...because we all know it's for the big people, and my friends and I like to eat. Subsequent birthdays consist of pizza and hot dogs.

                1. Fresh-baked buttermilk biscuits are always a delicious addition.

                  1. Juice Bar w/ enhancements for evening
                    Coffe Bar w/enhancements for evening
                    Bottles of sparkling water

                    Basket of wonderful muffins

                    Bagel Station w/toaster and acoutrements

                    Baked brown sugar bacon

                    Sausage balls/patties/or links

                    Spinach balls or Spinach squares

                    Breakfast Pizzas

                    Fruit/cheese platter

                    1. Strata is my favorite to make when company is coming over for brunch since you do so much of the work ahead of time. My MIL makes a breakfast casserole with eggs, cheese, and sausage. I like to serve a mixed green salad lightly dressed in vinaigrette with quiche.

                      For a fun addition, I've served this prosecco gelatin dessert at a brunch: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                      Baked goods (muffins, coffee cakes, scones, biscuits) are always a welcome addition at brunch, whether made by you or your favorite bakery. Mmm..now I want a breakfast party!

                      1. Huevos rancheros are cheap, easy, and very delicious. Plus, I think they'd do pretty well on a warming pan. They're a bit harder if you're not sitting down to eat them, but they can always be wrapped in a burrito (which reminds me that breakfast burritos may be the best breakfast for dinner food ever created).

                        Will there be beverages served? Gotta love mimosas and Bloody Mary's!

                        Oh, and cinnamon rolls. Everyone loves cinnamon rolls, and most of us don't get to eat them very often.

                        This is not at all a classy suggestion, but I kind of like the idea of cold pizza. This was a go-to breakfast for me, and many others, during those halcyon college days.

                        1. A friend of mine did a similar dinner...she made grits in the slow cooker and served from there. I tried her method and was surprised at how "creamy" the grits tasted (texture...there was no actual cream involved). She also made individual yogurt parfaits (yogurt,fruit,granola) in punch cups.

                          My last brunch involved a spinach roulade, sweet potato biscuits, coffee cake, and fruit.

                          I LOVE the pajama idea.

                          1. Lots of great ideas, thanks everyone. I may have to try some things out in the weeks to come and see what I want to do for the party but I"m really excited about the german dish and hash brown crust on quiche, thats two birds w/ one stone!

                            1. Oh, and a sour cream coffee cake. I have a great recipe if you'd like it.

                              1. Savory crepes.

                                You could possibly adapt items from a Chinese dim sum breakfast into your menu. I always think of fried rice as a breakfast food.

                                Chicken and waffles.

                                Spaghetti frittata

                                1. That quiche with hash brown crust is right on! I also have to second the cinnamon rolls. I don't hAve a sweet tooth, but everyone else seems to go CRAZY over them.

                                  My picks:

                                  Chicken and waffles

                                  Shrimp and grits

                                  Smoked whitefish salad on bagels

                                  Congee and seafood

                                  Spicy turkey breakfast sausage and and zucchini pancakes

                                  1. I recently discovered a great recipe for mini sticky buns in Alice Medrich's book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy --- so cute and delicious. They would add a festive touch to the menu! You need mini muffin tins for these, and you must make them the day you will serve them for optimal flavor and freshness.

                                    Here's the recipe:


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                                      those look awesome! I have mini muffin tins and I can easily adapt that to be a vegan treat to include all my friends in the celebrations.

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                                        Exciting! I hope you like them as much as I did. I have made 2 other recipes from that book, by the way, and they're equally stunning (caramel cheesecake bars and gooey turtle bars, each with homemade caramel sauce). For the sticky buns, I made one significant change to the recipe --- I chopped the pecans up and my tasters said they liked it the way I did it rather than chomping into an entire pecan half on such a delicate little treat. Here are my pictures... let me know how yours turn out, please!

                                    2. I love breakfast for dinner as I'm not a breakfast person as in eating early in the am but love breakfast foods. Assorted varieties of devilled eggs are perfect for this type of party.

                                      Other suggestions include: Banana oatmeal pancakes or waffles (can be made ahead then paper towel in between each and frozen then thawed before serving) Use banana extract & crushed dried banana chips in the batter. Make a brown sugar & cinnamon syrup to drizzle over the top. Another vote for cinnamon rolls; I have a great recipe if interested and you could make these ahead then freeze, thaw and rise a few hours before the event. On a savory note, you could use the cinnamon roll concept to make a breakfast roll. Using the same dough without the sugar components and fill with spinach, Italian sausage & mozzarella cheese and "frost" with an oil packed sundried and basil spread. If you're into Mexican perhaps chorizo, roasted poblano & onions and queso fresco with a spread of roasted tomatillo & garlic over the top. You can go vegetarian also. So many flavor combinations with this idea.

                                      Creamy stuffed french toast - I use french or italian bread for my french toast. Cut the bread about 1 1/2 inches then cut a pocket in the center but not completely through. Stuff center with cream cheese, cooked apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar or whatever other fruit combo you like. Make a custard of eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and dunk both sides into custard then brown on boths sides in a skillet sprayed with non stick cooking spray. Place on a baking paper lined sheet pan and finish in oven for 10 minutes. These keep a good while in a chafing dish but probably won't last long enough to worry about it.

                                      I like the idea of a grits station; we did this at a wedding catering recently and it went over so well we ran out of grits! What we did was make three flavors of grits (creamy smoked gouda, roasted vegetable and plain) then we made a variety of toppings that guests topped their grits with, including buffalo chicken & blue cheese, caramelized onion gravy and artichoke & spinach to name a few. Last but not least, for something different, why not consider a sweet potato hash instead of hash browns? My recipe is posted in the Whats for Dinner? thread.

                                      1. fun drinks like mimosas or bloody marys with celery garnish would be nice. A mini dessert cart would be nice too. Mini cheesecakes!

                                        1. If you'd like to give a thank you gift bag, maybe some homemade granola? Don't have a personal favorite recipe, but I'm sure others do. I made the KAF granola bars today, with some modifications, and they were pretty tasty.

                                          1. All right, so this is my working menu with an attempt to combine simplicity and interesting dishes:

                                            Asparagus Soup w/ roasted shallots and bacon on top (OR a potato soup)
                                            if potato than bacon wrapped asparagus on side, if asparagus than roasted potatoes
                                            2 egg bakes one veg one w/ sausage maybe the german bake or the french omlett for one...
                                            fresh fruit and jams
                                            assorted cheeses (like homemade cream cheese, brie, and a few sharper ones depending on fruit )
                                            toasted baguette slices
                                            mini sticky buns (thanks peppermint sky)

                                            and of course a bloody mary bar and mimosas

                                            let me know what ya think or if you have great recipes that would work or if i'm missing something obvious. I'd rather use breakfast meats as parts of dishes rather than just cook a ton of it up and set it out... but i'm up for adding a few more pieces to this menu if needed

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                                              how about some mini hot browns or ham on beaten biscuits.

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                                                This menu sounds great, my only addition would be to cook a spiral ham and leave for people to slice off as they want. These are very easy and need no special attention to make a nice presentation.

                                              2. Consider the British (originally Anglo-Indian) breakfast classic Kedgeree. Here is how I make it: sautee onions, golden raisins, and curry powder with a full stick of real butter then add this to a pot of drained hot white rice (you can do this a day ahead and refrigerate). Just before serving, reheat the curried rice and carefully fold in some chunks of cooked fish---I use poached salmon filet---and, by tradition, garnish with lemon wedges and quarters of hard-boiled egg. I also offer such condiments as ground peanuts, toasted coconut, and chutney if this is a company occasion. Kedgeree really wants hot buttered toast and hot tea to go with.

                                                1. creme brulee french toast, http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/cre...
                                                  really good bacon and or sausages, a citrusy salad featuring blood oranges and avocados, mimosas.

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                                                    I've been on a huge strata kick lately. I started keeping chickens again last summer and wanted a way to use up eggs, and I don't like eggs. : )

                                                    I'm trying to work my nerve up to make and taste a quiche.

                                                    Something to keep in mind if some of your guests might not like eggs.

                                                  2. How about a breakfast burrito bar? A chafing dish of scrambled egg, and a choice of toppings like crumbled bacon, crumbled sausage, sauteed peppers, chives, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheeses, thin-sliced ham, hash browns, creamed spinach, and anything else you'd think of as fillings for savory crepes. Guests assemble and roll their own burrito, then nuke for 10 seconds. Easier than crepes in that you buy the tortillas or lavash, and with the ends tucked in, burritos are neatly eaten from the hand, without utensils, since you are not having a sit-down meal.

                                                    I'll also pimp my recipe for Healthy Hummingbird muffins, which was a finalist in last year's contest. http://www.chow.com/recipes/29597-hea... This is a dense muffin that I consider to be filling enough to constitute an entire breakfast. I have never made them in mini-muffin tins but for a party menu I would do that, halving the baking time and checking for doneness at that point. Put some cream cheese frosting on them and they'd be a mini-dessert.

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                                                        I really like the burrito bar too. If vegans or non-egg-eaters will be attending, you could offer scrambled tofu as a filling along with roasted veggies (I'm thinking mushrooms, tomatoes) and some spinach. Mmmm. A great savory dish!