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Recommendation for date night? Ideally in the Mission.

Hi - I'm looking for a recommendation for a restaurant that would impress a friend of mine who is very much into food and eating out.

- somewhat creative food
- reasonably romantic/cozy atmosphere
- preferably in or very near the Mission
- cost: somewhere around $200 or so including tax, tip, and drinks (figure one bottle of wine or 2-3 drinks a piece)
- multi-course set menu would be a plus, but not at all a requirement
- seafood is a plus

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. commonwealth, but the space isn't particularly "cozy", more modern.
    farina, but the food isn't "creative", more just good high-end italian.

      1. I second commonwealth and yuzuki (though the atmos at yuzuki isn't super romantic). Also the pasta tasting menu at Flour & Water.

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          Flour + Water seemed to me like a crowded bar with good food, a fun place to hang out with friends but romantic?

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            There's low lighting and a cozy ambience. Plus I guess my husband and I find good food to be romantic. :)

        2. I would try the Heirloom Café -- definitely cozy and romantic, in the Mission, with delicious food. Ask about the owner's special wine list.

          Range may push you out of that price bracket with drinks, but it's also a favorite.

          1. Incanto or La Ciccia? Those are are both fairly cozy and (for me) serve creative food.

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              Second both of those, especially La Ciccia.

            2. Commonwealth would be my first thought as well for something to impress. Very creative and delicious food. Atmosphere is hip, though I wouldn't call it cozy or especially romantic. $200 will also go a long way there.

              By the way, depending on your friend, a fun, cheaper and very different date would be Mission Chinese followed by dessert at Commonwealth which is affiliated and next door. Doesn't fit your criteria but keep it in mind for next time. I know there is some contention about Mission Chinese on this board, but if your friend hasn't gone there and is into food it's become something of a destination and worth a try.

              A few other options would be Foreign Cinema which is more romantic and has solid food and Range which has a cool vibe and great drinks. Chez Spencer doesn't get brought up a lot, and I can't speak for the food since I've only had brunch and dessert there, but it certainly has a romantic atmosphere and one of the few places in the Mission with a multi-course set menu.

              1. Mission Beach Cafe or Woodward's Garden or Chez Spencer works too.