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Jan 23, 2012 11:41 AM

Where to go after a Saturday evening performance @ Kennedy Center?


I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of where to go after a Kennedy Center performance? (This Saturday, 8:00 AM). My date and I are not planning to go out before, but are looking for somewhere after. Having read previous threads, I am leaning toward Cirque in Foggy Bottom? I have been there for dinner a few years ago. And Rivers @ Watergate. Does anyone had other suggestions? I would assume we are getting out of the performance around 10:00 PM. Cost is no issue. Thanks in advance (!!!)

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  1. My apologies - scratch whatever I just put up there for Circa at Dupont (allergy medicine is making me drowsy and I am mixing up names)

    My apologies (!!)

    1. I actually think a better option would be Ris. Circa is ok...not great. And I hear pretty much nothing about Rivers.

      But Ris is excellent. Even just sitting at the small tables in the bar area is great. They have good cocktails and I LOVE their chicken potpie and meatloaf. But their specials are often times very good. Just call and double check when the kitchen closes.

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        Another vote for RIS - great food, and the best Dark and Stormy in town. I haven't been to Circa, but Rivers is nothing special at all.

      2. Another vote for Ris! or Marcel's