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Jan 23, 2012 11:39 AM

SPOILER ALERT: ICA: (Zakarian vs. Sawyer)


While we are admittedly biased Clevelanders, those in my home definitely thought Sawyer's food looked so much better than Zakarian's, and we were scratching our head at the win and disparity of scores. Maybe it was the bias. I thought Zakarian's approach was good in theory, but the presentation just seemed very clunky and ugly to me.

I almost feel like the judges were just wrong for this battle. Like they all wanted to eat mint air and nothing else.

What did you all think?

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  1. i thought that you had to know going in that zacharian was gonna win.
    honestly i thought both looked pretty good. sawyer's looked great but like i said, there was no way the new ica was losing his first match.

    and even in the competition everyone did rave about the taste of his food. so i doubt it was awful. ;)

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    1. re: AMFM

      This is the second. He won Brook Trout 60-53 (3 episodes back).

      1. re: AMFM

        I guess the stickler for me was presentation, not taste. That glass cup of giant veggies, the langoustine, nothing seemed up to the level of what I would expect from an Iron Chef. Oh well.

        1. re: rockandroller1

          But, you get more points for taste, not presentation.

          When I was watching it, I knew Zakarian was going to win it easily because of how the judges raved about the taste of the food comapred to Sawyer. To me, it seemed that the judges were complimentary for the most part about the taste of Sawyer's dishes. But, then they tasted Zakarian, its like their eyes lit up as to say we thought Sawyer's dishes were good until we tasted this- now these dishes from Zakarian are really good.

      2. I enjoyed this episode. I thought they both did great. I was suprised at the end to see how low the judges scored Sawyer, who I thought was a tough competetor. I thought it was a much closer contest than the judges did. Of course, I didn't get to taste the food. kh

        1. Zarkarian's dishes seemed simple and not that interesting but there was no way that he was going to lose his second match. It seemed like the judges really wanted every dish to be overwhelmingly mint which doesn't seem like a terribly balanced or skilled method of crafting a meal but seemed to be the key for this win. Sawyer seemed to have a more nuanced menu but didn't seem to appeal to the judges. I do love langoustine but I wonder where he got fresh ones

          I wish personally Zakarian was more enjoyable to watch. He seems to have so little joy when he is cooking and yeah it's perception but he has the charm of rabid dog. At least his food looked more interesting than Garcia's.