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Jan 23, 2012 11:11 AM

Baco Mercat

Anyone been?

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  1. I've only been for lunch, which I hear is a more casual affair. Had The Toron (ox-tail hash, pickle, tater, cheddar) and potato salad. Very delicious and filling. I think the baco itself was 12-14 bucks, so a little pricey, but worth it. Also had the Baco Pop, which was very underwhelming to me. I thought if a chef would make his own soda, it would be super adventurous and out there, but it tasted like something you might find at bevmo.

    To me, definitely worth a shot. If I worked or lived in the area, I think I would make it a monthly stop.

    1. We've been a bunch of times once for lunch, five times for dinner. The food is top notch. The service needs some serious help. Detached, clueless, and aloof. Too bad because that's a mismatch for the brilliant chow.

      1. Had a great dinner there.

        We also really enjoyed the Toron baco which seems to be much better reviewed than the Original surprisingly. Can't remember the exact name of what we had from the nightly offerings list but both were great - one a braised pork ragu on a thick slice of bread (like a giant glorious bruschetta) and the other okra in tomato sauce.
        Overall you can't miss ordering a non-standard protein which is what I've always thought Josef Centeno really does well.

        The RB Italiano was one of the better artisanal cocktails I've had in awhile and I was convinced by the server to follow it up with a baco pop made alcoholic (grapefruit and bulleit) which was nothing special at all.

        Food service was fine, but we thought our server was a bit off and suspected he might have been on coke. Seats were all uncomfortable wooden school chairs or stools, but it was nice to be able to grab a patio two-top easily as walk-ins.

        I thought the food was very reasonably priced for how tasty and creative it was and would definitely return.

        1. Finally went for lunch with high expectations. Very disapointing. First, the service was VERY slow. Had the original pork baco. It was hard to eat and had what seemed like cubes of fat in it. Tried the original twice cooked flatbread with anchovey. Dry and salty. My friend had the oxtail hash baco which was so hot he could not taste the rest of the meal. The homeomade lemonade was nothing special either. Sorry to say.

          1. I just went on Saturday (made it in right before they stopped seating people for lunch). Our food was delicious! We had the Toron, the Original, and the El Pesco. They were all super flavorful, but I think my favorite was the Original. Our food took a while to get to us, which was understandable since they were very packed. They ended up comping our meal even though we were fine with the wait time. I will definitely be back during a weekday for lunch.