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Jan 23, 2012 10:33 AM

Feb. Texas Monthly - The Greatest BBQ story ever told

Just a heads up, hounds. This will definitely be an issue worth picking up.

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  1. I'm very glad John might get even more business, but if this means Franklin-type lines at JMueller, I will be ticked.

    Off topic, but Texas Monthly seems to have really gone downhill since Evan Smith left. Lately it's been lots of "Slap another list of the 50 best something or another on the cover, people always buy those."

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    1. re: brentwood

      I agree that their cover stories are prone to the "Best (X Number) (Tacos/Vacations/Hamburgers) in Texas!" syndrome. But their journalism pieces and thought provoking op/eds remain as strong and essential as ever, in my opinion.

    2. yeah, read that--Mueller's new place on South First is really good, but is it really Franklin good? or Lockhart good? Pretty close IMHO...still would like to see someone else try mutton

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      1. re: taliesin15

        Sam's BBQ is still our go-to place for mutton, who else in Austin does it ?

        1. re: Philly369

          Have they reopened after the great stolen meat caper?

          1. re: Rptrane

            They were only closed for a week or two. Still putting out some of the best brisket in Austin bar none. Great sausage too. I don't have a taste for mutton. .There might be one or two people in line in front of you.

            1. re: Rptrane

              It's known as "pants meat" in the more 'discriminating' food circles :-) Due to the fact that the culprits stick it down their pants and walk out of the store.

            2. re: Philly369

              It's not mutton, but lamb. Mutton is older an stronger, I've been looking for gen-u-wine mutton for a couple years but can't find it in Austin. Some places call lamb breast mutton, but it's not.