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Jun 13, 2006 07:42 PM

Is Puck's CUT open yet? If so, what did you think?

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Wolfgang Puck's steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire (or whatever it's called these days) was scheduled to open on June 1. I was wondering if it in fact had opened and whether anyone had tried it yet.

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  1. The first answer is Yes; the second I have not tried it yet.
    310.275.5900 as I recall in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Wilshire and Rodeo.

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    1. re: carter

      Two things:

      1. The phone number Carter listed is incorrect. The correct number is (310) 276-8500. Address is 9500 Wilshire, in Beverly Hills.

      2. They apparently have an annoying (at least to me) policy of only accepting reservations 30 days in advance. Just tried to make a reservation for August 12, and was told I would have to call them on or after July 12. (Or, I guess I could make a reservation somewhere else.)

      1. re: David Kahn

        Whitney, who takes reservations is not pleasant either.

    2. Review coming up in Thursday's Calendar section of LAT. Japanese steaks!

      1. Very good but, as you might expect, pricey.

        Stunning, modern design. Already crowded and abuzz with the well-heeled and their guests. The servers bring out a holder with three types of housemade (delicious) breadsticks while you look things over on the menu; later, they bring a selection of breads (that night, pumpernickel, french rye and a focaccia) which they serve with a French butter sprinkled with fleur de sel and herbs--a bit too much.

        I started with a very good ox-tail consomme with bits of ox-tail meat and bone marrow dumplings ($14). Steaks are organized by where the cattle were raised (21 day aged Illinois corn-fed, 35 day Nebraska corn-fed, American wagyu, kobe) and there are several non-steak choices as well, including several items served for two, such as Dover sole (boned tableside), turbot and whole duck. I selected a 20 oz Kansas ($44), which came out perfectly cooked and was quite flavorful. With the steaks they bring out four cups, one with fleur de sel and the other three with various mustards; however, if you want sauces or toppings, those are extra ($4-6 for sauces and $6-14 for toppings) as they sometimes are at other steakhouses. Sides ranged from $10-14 and were mostly variations on the usual suspects (e.g. creamed spinach with a fried egg on it, a potato "tarte tatin," skinny tempuraed onions and shoestring fries)--I tried the potato "tarte tatin" which was good, sort of a fluffier galette. Desserts are $14 each but I did not indulge this time.

        Nice wine list with some interesting choices, though I did not see any half bottles. I wound up with a Waters "Interlude" cabernet, which went quite well with my steak.

        Wolfgang Puck and Lee Hefter were roving the restaurant greeting people, all of whom seemed to be enjoying themselves.

        I will definitely be returning but it is not replacing my favorite steak places.

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        1. re: New Trial

          What kind of beef does CUT offer? Grain-fed, dry-aged?

          1. re: ipse dixit

            As mentioned in my prior post, the Illinois and Nebraska are corn-fed. I don't recall that the menu specified as to the Wagyu or Kobe--traditionally, grain-fed but I know some producers are using grass or grain-grass mixes of feed. I do not know for sure whether the beef is wet or dry aged, though 21 days tends to be a bit short for dry aged. However, the steak had some of the quality of a dry aged so perhaps a combination of the two methods (start off the process wet, finish dry).