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Eddie Burger + Bar in Banff

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Had a coupon for Eddie Burger + Bar in Banff that was about to expire so Mrs Scary and I went to Banff for lunch on Saturday.

Well all the burger experts on this board should make the trek to Eddies next time you're in Banff because it just could be your new favourite.

Eddie's "signature" burgers come with with a variety of set toppings, such as the one I had "The Australian" (pretty smart marketing btw since every other person in Banff is from Oz) with beet, fried pineapple and fried egg with mayo on whole wheat. The burger is AAA Alberta, hand shaped like a hockey puck, and minimally worked so it just holds together as you eat it. Great beef flavour, and a burger that you can barely get in your mouth. Also very nicely messy to eat.

Had the sweet potato fries (no extra charge) and they were probably the best I've ever had, supercrisp on the outside and creamy inside.

Mrs Scary had the "Red, White and Blue " burger which she raved about, with onion strings. While the strings were tasty, I did think they could have used a bit more time in the fryer, or maybe a bit more heat, as they were a bit oilier that I thought they should have been, especially as they cooled.

The next time I go, and I will, I'll have the standard bacon cheeseburger, since that seems to be my best way to compare burger joint food.

Almost forgot- had the deep fried pickles. Now I usually find them to be a bit of a pain to eat with a soggy overly salty pickle coming out of the batter crust, but not here. The pickle was not very salty, as pickles go, crunchy, and the very crunchy batter for the most part stayed with the pickle. AND at $4, they were about half of what other restaurants charge.

Oh, and cheap as well for the burger combo's, about $14.

Rolling Rock on tap too!

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  1. Ate there a while. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Couldn't really give a review though because I was half-comatose from my kids.

    1. Good to hear they're upholding the burgers standards over there. A friend of mine started this joint as part owner/general manager but has since parted ways with the rest of the ownership group. I was a little concerned things might take a downward turn after he left but obviously that hasn't happened at all.

      I'm too, am quite a fan of the Rolling Rock taps popping up all over the place these days!

      1. We LOVE Eddie burger- it's our regular lunch place every time we go to Banff- their burgers are outstanding, the appetizers are fantastic and we love the gigantic booth in the back that easily fits 4 adults and 4 kids.