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Jan 23, 2012 09:39 AM

Headed to Nairobi from NYC. Looking for food/drink business gift suggestions...

My husband will be traveling from New York next week for an important meeting in Nairobi and he would like to bring the exec he's meeting a luxury food/drink-type gift. We know he drinks and are considering some great wine, but I'm also looking for out-of-the-box suggestions.
I have no idea what you can/can't get there...
Any suggestions welcome.

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    1. Not sure how appropriate, but unless they know the lux brand, you'll be surprise how much cache dried cranberries (from Costco or Trader Joes) or maple syrup has with folks outside of USA. Granted, this was more food gift for foodie friends abroad.

      1. How about a New York State-produced bourbon? That might be hard to find in Nairobi.

        1. +1 for the comestibles -maple syrup, dried cranberries & bourbon; I would add apple butter to the list, too.
          But I have to say, having lived in East Africa for too long a time, that something more permanent would be a better gift: an elegant tablecloth, a set of glasses, a serving dish or a tray, even a set of knives. Any of those -useful far into the future- would be appropriate as gifts.

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            If you're gifting expensive knives, send them ahead to your hotel via DSL or some other shipper. They can't go in carry on luggage and are likely to get stolen from checked luggage. Stunning bar glasses might do the trick.

          2. I would assume the exec has probably travelled as well, and shoot for a "luxury" item - apple butter and maple syrup are more presents for the retired in-laws in Coral Gables.

            A luxury wine or booze is a good call. Depends how much you want to spend, though.

            If I were spending in, say, the $200 neighborhood - I think a great dessert wine, say a vintage Port, would be wonderful. A '77 Port (considered one of the top vintages of the century) by one of the top brands (I'd stick with Fonseca or Taylor-Fladgate) would probably run from $175 to the low $200s, and would be in beautiful drinking condition today - or it could be cellared for another 35 years if he likes...

            Another option in that price range might be a "gift pack" of the Hudson spirits - they're a bit pricey (usually around $45 for a 375ml bottle) - but you could pack up their four main products (Baby Bourbon, Four Grain Bourbon, Rye, and Single Malt) for a nice sampler.

            If were spending in the $100 range, I might go with a spirit, and probably an American one. If he likes Cognac, there are some fine American brandies that rival the best of what France has been putting out of late. Germain-Robain's XO Brandy is a little over $100, and is a work of art - silk, dark, austere, a bit dry. A real brandy to ponder over. Also from Germain-Robin is the Shareholder's Reserve, which is a similar price point but a bit more lush and soft. There are a couple of other good brandies coming out of California as well - Osocalis is another brand with a nice XO. Or you could do two of the Hudson whiskeys, above - keep it local.

            If I were spending $50... I might go with food. Hard to get a real "luxury" spirit or wine at that price. But food is always iffy - you never know someone's likes / dislikes, or if they have any religious aversion to something...

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              "... apple butter and maple syrup are more presents for the retired in-laws in Coral Gables."

              Hey, I'm still working here!