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Jan 23, 2012 09:37 AM

Headed to Nairobi! Looking for food/drink business gift suggestions...

My husband will be traveling from New York next week for an important meeting in Nairobi and he would like to bring the exec he's meeting a luxury food/drink-type gift. We know he drinks and are considering some great wine, but I'm also looking for out-of-the-box suggestions.
I have no idea what you can/can't get there...
Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. Kenyan coffee or Kenyan honey.

    1. Maybe pick something up at Russ n Daughters or Zabar's, or chocolates from Jacques Torres... if it weren't such a long way, i'd suggest bringing a NY Cheesecake :)

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        Good ideas from Emme. I was thinking that a New York-centric gift is a nice idea - maybe a good New York state wine? I'm sure the people over on the wine board could give you recommendations. Just be sure that the gift is nicely wrapped and that you don't hand the gift over with your left hand. More do's and dont's of business gift etiquette in Kenya: