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Has Anyone Caught Chef John Besh's Show?

I'm interested to see if anyone has caught this show. I've seen it on Create TV and I have to tell you that I"m really liking it. However, I'm liking it because he seems genuinely uncomfortable on TV. He actually explains stuff as though you are in a friend's house and they are explaining a recipe to you. I'm telling you, this guy doesn't have the presence that so many "celebrity" chef's have, but that is what's making me like him so much. He seems just slightly clumsy too--kind of like a male Nathalie Dupree (who I loved watching). I dunno...any thoughts?????

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  1. I have not been lucky enough to see it, but I adore his charm and love both his cookbooks.

    1. I saw about 3 shows so far. At first, he seemed to be everywhere..almost exaggerating his motions, conversations and skills...but the last show I watched, he seemed to be more at peace and ease. I also didn't care for small, almost too cheesy stories he tells while he is cooking. I'd watch the shows again but to me, his tv skills are definitely lacking...at least for now...but wow, some of the stuff he is creating..just wow...I'd love to eat at his restaurant one day.

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        Yeah..did you see the goat roast he made? I've never cooked goat, but I would love to try the way he made it.

      2. I watched season one last year. My biggest complaint, he rarely ever tastes the food. He spends all the time cooking and then sets the dishes on a table and ends the show.

        1. Is the show on Create the same show that aired on PBS? John Besh's New Orleans. I can't get Create TV and there seem to be so many things I'd love to see on it. I am a John Besh fan and I found his show to be fine though I do think he seems a bit uncomfortable in the format. I don't find him clumsy though. He said on Facebook that he starts filming the second season of John Besh's New Orleans in April.

          1. Yes, I've recorded the entire series. He's a fabulous chef, but he lacks that certain TV like personality, and like you, I appreciate that most. It doesn't seem forced, rehearsed or phony. I think he's very much of what you see is what you get.

            1. I should watch him more often. I used to love Nathalie Dupree. Watched her every Saturday in the '90s.

              1. I"ve caught this by accident on Create a couple of times. I like it, a lot. I think he's honest and real and obviously a doggone good chef dedicated to his region's cuisine.

                I've caught John Folse's show as well. Very enjoyable.

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                  jmckee: I have a great John Folse story for you. Way back--when we lived in NYC, my son went to Catholic School. Anyway, the kids all had to pick a state in the US and research it and blah, blah, blah. My son ended up getting Louisiana. I couldn't have been happier because of the many times I visited New Orleans. Well, I ended up making pralines for his class. I followed the recipe I have one of the Folse cookbooks that I have. The recipe did not work. I dunno--something was amiss. I called him. Yes. I called him and spoke to someone about my issue with the recipe. He called me back and sure enough--the recipe needed a little tweak from him. While he was helping me we got to talking. I mentioned something about wanting to make something that needed Steen's Cane Syrup and I could not find it in Manhattan. He asked me for my address at the end of our conversation. Two days later a big box came special delivery for me. IT WAS A CASE OF STEENS!!! I have been in love with this man ever since. He is adorable--and his old restaurant in Donaldsonville, LaFitte's Landing served me one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. What a stand-up guy. I'll bet that Besh is a lot like that too!!

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                    what a wonderful story! i am now a fan of John Folse.

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                      Monica..I swear the man is great. I love catching him on TV at any given time. I'll tell you--I cannot imagine Bobby Flay or any of those FN celebritychefs doing anything remotely like that. It is my fondest memory and btw, those pralines were a hit with the kids!!!

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                        Christopher Kimball should read your story.

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                          Please Monica--don't get me started on that one. I got an email from Kimball today...A Letter from Vermont. For some godforesaken reason I let my imagination run away with me and thought for a fleeting moment that he was going to say he read about how everyone on Chowhound was dissappointed in his marketing and he was no longer going to nickel and dime everyone.
                          Lo and behold--the letter was a come on to spend more money..I deleted asap! Can you believe it? Kimball SHOULD take a hint from Mr. Folse--lol!

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                            Not to get totally off topic, but I did send Kimball a note with the posts from Chowhound. Needless to say...no response.

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                            Monica: <<Christopher Kimball should read your story.>>

                            Post of the month.

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                        What a remarkable story! I have a book that contains pictures of pro chefs' home kitchens, and his is one of the best.

                        It's great to hear how admirable somebody is when you already like them!

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                          He is widely regarded as one of the nicest guys around. When I was 19 or 20, a guy took me to Folse's Donaldsonville restaurant, and we were the last folks in the restaurant. He came out and talked with us, two know-nothing kids, for a while, telling stories about the restaurant and one of the paintings. Utterly charming. Years later, after I was married, my SIL and her husband were visiting and we trekked out there, past the chemical plants, to eat. I'm sure they kept wondering why we were leaving NO to go to dinner in the boonies. We had another wonderful meal and another tableside visit from a man (much more a local celeb by then) whose passion for food and people came through loud and clear. They understood and still talk fondly of that "destination" dinner.

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                            Have to concur with the general sentiment here, I grew up about a half an hour away from Laffites Landing and every time I had any interaction with him he was EXTREMELY nice.

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                            John Folse is one of my favorites. He brings a point of view that the typical boneless chicken breast crowd won't appreciate, but I love him. His depth of knowledge is incredible.

                        2. Yes, I've seen it a few times, and he comes off as himself, which is very endearing.

                          Did anyone see him on that shortlived show where he went into people's homes and tried to teach really bad cooks how to make a few decent dishes? The show really was pretty awful, but he came off as genuine, on a true mission to bring better food to those families.

                          He's a local hero, imo.

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                            I like Besh's TV program. He is a genuine person who loves food and people. He doesn't get all caught up in the camera and spotlight, forgetting who he is or where he's from. He's an amazing chef and delightful person and it shows in his program. It does indeed look like you're sitting on the other side of the bar from him, while he cooks for you.
                            As far as John Folse, I got to meet him face for the first time this past Monday. I'm a culinary student at the JFCI at Nicholls State. I am taking his Cajun and Creole class this semester. Let me say, this man is a wealth of information on the cultures that have made up the cuisine in Louisiana. He admits he just started out because he loved to cook, he didn't have a plan for a production company, spice company, restaurants, etc. He doesn't seem to have let that go to his head either. At first I thought he was being snobby by not talking to students when he was on campus. I now realize he is extremely busy. When in his class he gives you his full attention because he wants us to fully understand cajun and creole culture and cuisine. Granted Folse is smoother on camera, I think it's because he's been doing it longer as well as giving lectures.
                            Besh and Folse are two local men who's love of good food is a present for us all to receive.

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                              You know--I love reading all this stuff about Besh and Folse. It validates that there ARE chefs on TV who really are doing this for the love of what they do. I'll tell you, as a "civilian", I've learned to do some mighty fine Louisiana cooking and love comes out when you make a dark roux--there is nothing more gratifying then watching that flour and fat mixture turn into a georgeous dark roux--the scent wafting through the house is amazing. My boys always said it smells like gumbo as soon as that scent hit them! It genuinely makes me happy to read such nice things about Besh--I hope he does well and stays real like Folse!

                          2. I hope the production values are tweaked for season 2. The set seems dark, and he usually talks at the pan. If I bumped into him on the street, I wouldn't recognize his face, just the top of his head. Though the food he creates looks and sounds wonderful, there is something monotonous about his delivery that makes my attention wander. I think the camera needs to get closer to the food, too.