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Jan 23, 2012 09:21 AM

Has Anyone Caught Chef John Besh's Show?

I'm interested to see if anyone has caught this show. I've seen it on Create TV and I have to tell you that I"m really liking it. However, I'm liking it because he seems genuinely uncomfortable on TV. He actually explains stuff as though you are in a friend's house and they are explaining a recipe to you. I'm telling you, this guy doesn't have the presence that so many "celebrity" chef's have, but that is what's making me like him so much. He seems just slightly clumsy too--kind of like a male Nathalie Dupree (who I loved watching). I dunno...any thoughts?????

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  1. I have not been lucky enough to see it, but I adore his charm and love both his cookbooks.

    1. I saw about 3 shows so far. At first, he seemed to be everywhere..almost exaggerating his motions, conversations and skills...but the last show I watched, he seemed to be more at peace and ease. I also didn't care for small, almost too cheesy stories he tells while he is cooking. I'd watch the shows again but to me, his tv skills are definitely least for now...but wow, some of the stuff he is creating..just wow...I'd love to eat at his restaurant one day.

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        Yeah..did you see the goat roast he made? I've never cooked goat, but I would love to try the way he made it.

      2. I watched season one last year. My biggest complaint, he rarely ever tastes the food. He spends all the time cooking and then sets the dishes on a table and ends the show.

        1. Is the show on Create the same show that aired on PBS? John Besh's New Orleans. I can't get Create TV and there seem to be so many things I'd love to see on it. I am a John Besh fan and I found his show to be fine though I do think he seems a bit uncomfortable in the format. I don't find him clumsy though. He said on Facebook that he starts filming the second season of John Besh's New Orleans in April.

          1. Yes, I've recorded the entire series. He's a fabulous chef, but he lacks that certain TV like personality, and like you, I appreciate that most. It doesn't seem forced, rehearsed or phony. I think he's very much of what you see is what you get.