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Jan 23, 2012 08:37 AM

Which Grill Pan to get?

So I'm currently doing the registry for my wedding and figured I would throw a grill pan in there. We don't have a huge need for it, since we don't eat meat, but we do occasionally cook fish or veggies indoors and want to be able to have grill marks, etc. In any case, I'm not sure what I should be getting -- right now I'm mostly picking between a Scan Pan grill pan and a Le Creuset cast iron grill pan. All Clad also makes a grill pan in stainless steel. I love Scan Pan so that was my initial thought, but would a cast iron make more sense? We already have a standard 10" cast iron skillet. Input appreciated!

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  1. I love my 10" deBuyer Mineral grill pan, but I don't know if I would get it just for fish. I might use it for a halibut or swordfish steak, or similar, but I rarely buy those. I do a lot of fish in other ways, so it depends. It would be good for the firmer fish steaks.

    I certainly wouldn't get an All-Glad griller, even though I have several pieces of A-C and like them. There's just no point to it. They are probably sold to people who want an all A-C kitchen for some reason.

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      The only reason I was thinking All-Clad is because it would retain heat well and fairly evenly. We have a crappy NYC apt stove with small burners so it's hard to get a good distribution.

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        Also, in addition to the issue of retaining and distributing heat, I wasn't sure if I should be preferring nonstick or not. My instinct tells me nonstick would be better and therefore scanpan would be a good choice (I am in love with my scanpan skillet), but since I have little indoor grilling experience, I wasn't sure...

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          If you don't have a philosophical aversion to nonstick, it is a good choice for fish. I always do fish in a nonstick pan. The SP is aluminum, so should distribute heat fairly well, and the SP IQ has an induction-compatible base. You might want to supplement your small range with a portable induction cooktop.

      2. The ScanPan griller is square, so a little roomier than my deBuyer, and it is more readily available. It might be the best choice, but I have no experience with SP.

        1. Congratulations.

          I love my Lodge 12" x 12" square, cast iron grill pan. Great when you can't grill outdoors or if you live in a city where grills are not permitted on balconies, etc. We use it mostly for bread (it leaves grill marks) or when we don't have access to an outdoor grill. Have not cooked fish on it yet (prefer to cook fish outdoors).

          Doesn't need pre-seasoning. Can't use soap when you wash it. Should last a lifetime.

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            I love my Lodge cast iron griddle, but since this is my wedding registry for totally unnecessary things I'm adding "splurge" items and brands -- things that I would probably not buy on my own. We have most of the cookware we "need" so this is really just frivolous items that will be fun to get. I can see myself shelling out $30 - $50 for a lodge grill pan, but can't see myself splurging on a $140 scan pan when we hardly even grill.

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              Me too on the square Lodge grill pan which I use daily for something.

            2. I have been using a Calphalon non-stick square grill pan for a couple of years and love it.