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Jan 23, 2012 08:26 AM

Does Curry Wurst Exist in T.O?

I spent a few days in Berlin over the holidays and grew quite fond of their Curry Wurst (sausage with curry powder and ketchup). Has anyone ever seen sausage stands or restaurants that offer this in Toronto?

Thanks in advance for your help. Happy Monday!

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    1. Finally someone who knows what currywurst is! My boss came back from WVRST and complained that "it wasn't a curry and it wasn't a bratwurst" then asked me if I'd "ever even been to Germany"... I had to bite my tongue really, really hard to prevent doing damage to my career...

      1. Wvrst it is. Plus if you look online, it's ridiculously easy to find recipes for the sauce.

        1. Thanks for the tips! The only thing that seems different for me when I look at the Wvrst menu, is that the currywurst I had in berlin wasn't a curry sauce. It was literally curry powder sprinkled on the sausage with a dollop of ketchup on top. I guess the one from Wvrst might taste similar!

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            When I had it in Cologne, they had a large pump-style can of Heinz ketchup that was already curry flavoured. I can't find a photo of the industrial-sized can, but here's a pic of a squeeze bottle:

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              I have had currywurst in Germany plenty of times (being that I'm part German).

              WVRST is not currywurst. It is like German food made by people who have never had German food. They celebrated October fest during the month of October, I was baffled when I saw that posted online. And October fest has nothing to do with the Berlin area/home of the curry wurst.

              The sausage at wvrst are coarsely ground, german suasages are ground much much smoother. The sauce at wvrst is chunky almost like an Italian sauce, while currywurst is smooth with a shine (basically because it is ketchup). And nobody in their right mind serves bread with currywurst.

              here is an image to compare

              Germany (Rhineland)

              The best bet is to go to a German store and buy some curryketchup (heat it in a pot with some honey and extra curry powder). Cook some german sausages (Brandt are easy to find or go to their store front) and make it at home!

              1. re: flying101

                What do they do that makes it chunky? That's a little off-putting. And agreed that you need it mit pommes (with fries)... because soaking up all that ketchupy sauce is not a job suited for rye bread.

                1. re: emeats

                  Chunky might of been a little wrong wording on my part.
                  It has the consistency of a marinara sauce, or a basic red Italian tomato sauce. Not that the sauce is full of chunks of tomato, but not as smooth as currywurst sauce should be.

                  Don't want my review to be misleading, the guys at WRVST make a filling meal. It just won't satisfy someone who is craving good currywurst and I wouldn't call it real currywurst.

                2. re: flying101

                  Is Wvrst in the same place Conviction is/was in?

              2. The original comment has been removed